Over the counter viagra - Over the counter viagra

Over the counter viagra

Clearing the myths surrounding the little blue pill

viagra pillsIf you want to buy Viagra online in the US, then the first thing you may have to do is to make sure it’s from a reliable online source. You can get genuine as well as illegal fake Viagra online so it is best to make sure that the source you intent to buy it from legitimate. Buying fake little blue pills online can not only have adverse negative effects on your health but is also not as effective.  If you want a genuine version of this blue pill and wish to know all about it, then you are at the right place.

Over the counter viagra

It is specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. But many people may take it for other purposes assuming it to be an aphrodisiac or as a “party drug” alongside other illegal substances. This has caused a lot of controversy around Over the counter viagra. The wrong people take this blue pill at the wrong time and for wrong purposes. Viagra can be a very useful drug to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction and have helped a lot of people get back their sex lives, but it has to be used as advised by a registered doctor. 

Safety and efficacy of this Blue pill

It is very important that people in the US to know how to use Viagra safely, as it is a prescription medication that should be used with care. As already mentioned; there is no lack of providers of Viagra on the internet, the problem steps in when people try to sell prescription drugs illegally. You should remember that this blue pill is not safe for anybody and everybody, as it is a prescription medicine and causes side effects. You should do a medical consultation whenever you plan to buy this blue pill in the US.

Where to buy Viagra OTC US?


The most renowned pharmaceutical company, Pfizer manufactures this over the counter ed pills. It is available only on prescription in the UK. You need to obtain a valid prescription from a doctor if you want to buy Viagra in the US. The medical consultation makes sure that it is suitable for you or not.  You can buy this blue pill from any licensed pharmacy in the US or online. The latter method requires you to do an online consultation from the licensed online clinic to obtain a prescription. Although, a convenient option, it can not replace face-to-face consultation with a doctor.



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The Little Blue Pill and the World Wide Web

otcMillions of men search for this blue pill online. Most of these men prefer to buy Viagra online, as it is potentially time saving, but above all, it provides men with a way to buy Viagra online without having to feel self conscious about their situation or condition.

The process of buying Viagra online is quite simple and can be done in less than half an hour. You need to fill in a consultation form citing your medical as well as personal details and after that, everything is taken care of by the website from which you buy Viagra online. 

Over the counter viagra

Once you submit the consultation form, you will be sent a prescription, which allows you to buy Viagra online. This will however be done only, if the doctor finds you suitable for it. After you obtain a prescription, you need to complete payment details. Once this is done,you should receive your treatment at your doorstep.

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