Annita Keane

"I said I would offer some feedback on how I find the difference between 5-8 day face-to-face sessions and week-to-week online sessions with you guys. I love both. Spending a few days in a row in the face-to-face trainings was great. I left feeling completely connected. In hindsight I was overwhelmed by the large number of commitments and agreements I made all in one go. I spent quite a lot of time undoing the ulps. And they were mixed up, not sure what was what. Now, bearing in mind, this may be my learning style. Also, I love the interaction and actually meeting amazing people. In the Weekly online sessions, you cover one or two topics well and the group work is fab. I find the “bits” of info just enough to digest in a week. Like this week, I noticed myself wondering about listening. Noticing I had a good number of filters and was able to address them bit by bit, asking the other to repeat what they said, noticing if I was short based on a judge filter etc. I have done this every week. Each subject , I seem to have jumped in and live each topic into embodiment. (Love that?). Also meeting every week helps me reset. And so I get to have weeks of Hendricks magic over a longer period of time. I feel and experience that I am adopting a practice for life in a more sustainable way. Katie and Gay, I hope this makes sense. Thank you for your amazingness. Much love and respect.

Annita Keane
Success Coach | Best Selling Author | Speaker

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