Conscious Loving Activities – An Introduction

Practicing these activities will make the concepts of Conscious Loving real in your life by moving the information from your head into your heart and whole-body experience. 
You’ll find that these simple actions will make a profound difference in your day to day life if you simply jump in and have fun with them. There are activities for singles and for partners. If you are single, practicing with a friend or colleague will benefit all your relationships. So you don’t need to wait until you’re in a romantic relationship to explore.

Conscious Loving Activities 1.0 – 1.4:

1.0 – Co-Commitment – Program Introduction: Click HERE to download.
1.1 – Co-Commitment – Harmonizing Process: Click HERE to download.
1.2 – Co-Commitment – Creating Commitment: Click HERE to download.
1.3 – Co-Commitment – Supporting Each Other: Click HERE to download.
1.4 – Co-Commitment – Goalswork: Click HERE to download.

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