Conscious Relationship Teleseminar Recordings

This is where we will be putting all Audio Recordings from past conscious relationship teleseminar calls.  Check back often as we post the call audio within 24 hours of the call. 

Sex & Money.

Click HERE to listen to the audio recording of Sex & Money (and why it’s never about sex  & money.)  

What did you learn about Sex, Money, & Spirit?

Click HERE to listen to Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks Speak on the topic "What did you learn about Sex, Money, and Spirit?"

Eliminating Blame and Criticism

Click HERE to hear the playback of this conscious relationship teleseminar call. 


Click HERE to listen to this call audio.


Click HERE to listen to the conscious relationship teleseminar call about Commitment. 

The Upper Limits Problem

Click HERE to isten to this call audio.