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In this seminar we’ll be enhancing wholeness by diving into the world of vibration, resonance, and other friendly evolutionary strategies. In new-paradigm living, we recognize that each of us is a whole being, connected and co-creating all the time. Rather than the getting over and getting better strategies of the old paradigm, we’re focused on getting more expanded and collaborative. We’ll be learning how to bring a heart-felt intention in from space and then minding it, caring for it all the way through to full expression. 

Freud was right, in a way. It IS all about sex. Most humans want deep contact that transcends everyday consciousness and enhances the celebration of our sensual-sexual natures. And most people are scared of sex, scared of really opening and letting life in, and scared of lots of other things that impede the currents of life. Sexual-creative-manifesting energies all move through the same pipes, and most people’s pipes are kinked, especially by fear, mucked-up sexual feelings and cultural gunk in the system. When you presence yourself in your real experience and learn to shift from fear to flow, you are available to en-joy, to experience your body, daily life and interactions with others as a source of ongoing bliss. Consciousness is sexy, creativity is sexy, and above all, integrity is sexy.

In this new advanced workshop we’ll be creating experiments and processes to befriend fear, especially about sex, and to open to energetic sex anytime. We’ll be weaning our nervous systems from the adrenaline addiction of drama and stepping into full-contact presence and the radical play that results. We’ll be untangling sexual feelings from anger and from under the pile of societal rubbish heaped on our bodies and sexuality for centuries. We’ll be honoring sexual feelings from a place of impeccable response-ability that fuels creativity and new kinds of collaboration. When you know in your cells that you are totally lovable, you start seeing others as unique and lovable and place your attention on creating rather than further entangling yourself in the hero, villain and victim roles of the drama triangle.

We’ll build together an evolving dance form through the weekend that allows safe and playful experimentation with real feelings and that makes space for energetic contact to evolve and nurture your being and your relationships. Through Fear Melters and other activities, you’ll journey through your fear cave out into the light of your essence-love and essence-expression so you’ll be able to continue evolving your journey when you go back home.

With presence and play, we can move from fear to flow easily and unwind the mythologies that block the moment-to-moment joy of being in a unique body among other lively and emergent bodies dancing on the Big Body that fuels all our creative juiciness.


  • Tuition: $695 per person
  • Early Bird Rate: $595 per individual on or before October 6, 2017
  • Evolutionary Playground: The Path of Play (formerly Essentials) is a prerequisite for this course. 
  • Our product, Essentials Online, is available as an option for you to meet the prerequisite if you haven’t taken Evolutionary Playground or the Essentials 3-Day Seminar in person in the past. Cost: Tuition + $97.00
  • Cancellation Policy – 90% refund (10% withheld as a cancellation fee)
  • Transfer Policy – 10% transfer fee will be assessed and depending upon which future training you choose, the Early Bird discount may be forfeited, requiring additional monies to meet the full tuition amount for that training.
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October 27 – 29, 2017

Tuition: $695 per individual
Early Bird Rate: $595 per individual on or before October 6, 2017

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What People are Saying about Creating Bliss Bodies: Unwinding Your Sex-Fear Tangle to Enjoy Full-Contact Living:

Since attending this course I have savored an ecstatic sex life. One month after the workshop I met a new partner with whom I enjoy the most easy, compatible, and thrilling sex of my life. I’ve learned so many new ways to presence myself, unwind past sexual trauma, loosen fears of not being safe while relaxing to experience pleasure, and staying connected with my partner and me during all our sexual explorations. I also have noticed I am more confident in all areas of my life and work, speaking what I really want and flowing in the moment with how others respond.  – Laureli Shimayo, ThriveTypes & Body Psychology Master Coach

What a shifting weekend! So many “ah-ha”s for me! My reflections and shifts: I learned how fear can be my friend~ I am noticing subtle ways in which I slip into fear and appreciate it and love it and literally move into new choices. Moving from fear to flow is a continuum, not a prescription that says, “I will do fear melters and stop my fear and then I will step into flow”  I somehow had a line there or a separateness.  Katie said during the course, “We are not trying to make fear go away—we are changing it to creative expression.  We are either in fear or flow.” I experienced that my sexual feelings are mine and they have nothing to do with the other and I own them, feel them and express them as I choose!  I also learned that our Mythologies can be unwound—particularly my mythology that since I am 60 I should not be raising children and creating a new career based on this. I can laugh at this now and see how silly it is!  –Joni MacCraken, LCSW