Drum roll, please!

Back by popular demand for the fourth year…

Five days of life-transforming exploration and high cosmic theater with two world-class fun-slingers!


Date to be Announced

A Special Message From Katie And Gay:

Creativity Camp 4.0

After many years of dreaming and envisioning Creativity Camp, we launched it a few years ago to great fanfare. Now we’re back with a new format and some VERY cool new processes.

With Creativity Camp 4.0, Creativity Camp has become a regular affair, a cosmic play-space for the evolution of new versions of your self. (And also to expand all of our upper limits on how much fun we’re all willing to have!)

After 37+ years together, we’re more convinced than ever that expanding your creativity is the single most important thing you can do every day to create more love and abundance in your life. Once you home in on your creative genius you have a manifestation tool of inestimable value. The more you open to your genius, the more you are drawn into the circles of people who can help you bring your vision into the world. You don’t have to do it all yourself. If you adjust your wings correctly, you can ride on the currents of the creative consciousness of your chosen community.

Creativity Camp: The Essentials

Creativity Camp is intended for passionate students of conscious living, those of you who are dedicated to expanding your creativity in every moment. It’s for those who are committed to playing full out on the big field of life, people who aren’t scared off by the idea of having everything you want, enjoying everything you have, and making your essential contribution to the community.

  • If transcending previously unseen barriers to your genius gets you organically high, you will likely spend the entire five days of Creativity Camp in a glorious state of awe.
  • If you enjoy being absolutely blown away by insights and perspectives that emerge out of new depths in yourself, you will likely spend the five days of Creativity Camp feeling blessed beyond belief.
  • If you love the kind of learning that draws more of the essential YOU out of the hidden treasure-chest of yourself (rather than the kind of learning that stuffs more in on top of it) you will love Creativity Camp.
  • If you are intrigued by five days of cosmic theater and life transformation in the presence of people passionately dedicated to transformation, you will probably get your money’s worth the first day.

PLEASE NOTE Prerequisite: So that all participants get maximum benefit from the program, this Advanced Course requires that each person have completed at least one the following before attending:

1.Evolutionary Playground: https://hendricks.com/evolutionary-playground/, or its predecessor, Essentials 3-Day: Making The Big Leap in Life and Love.

2. A course based on the Conscious Loving and Living Essentials Seminar and offered by Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Graduates that includes access to Essentials Online for each participant.

3. If you have not attended Essentials, Evolutionary Playground or a course based on it taught by Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Graduates , you can purchase access to, view and ground yourself in the Essentials materials in “Essentials Online”, which costs $97 when purchased in conjunction with enrolling for the training. 



If you haven’t attended Evolutionary Playground or Essentials: Making The Big Leap in Life and Love:


Call Nancy at 1-800-688-0772, Ext. 1 (Pacific) for questions or email nancy@hendricks.com


What People Are Saying About Creativity Camp

Creativity Camp was the single best training I’ve been to in my entire life. It radically shifted my relationship to my own creative process and has yielded results in my life that continue to surpass even my high expectations. Ever since Creativity Camp, I’ve been pinching myself, asking “Can my life really be this awesome?” And it keeps getting better! Creativity Camp helped me get my manifesting process down to an art. And a science. If I could only recommend one training with Katie Hendricks – and that would be hard to do – Creativity Camp is it.   -Becky Margiotta, Co-Founder, The Billions Institute

Creativity Camp is on the top of my list for  workshops that I have attended. I was blown away by the depth of experience while having so much fun- it’s radical.  Ive never experienced such a fun, transformative workshop. Run (don’t walk) to sign up if you want to  open up to your true potential as a creator.  -Suzy Batiz, CEO Scentsible, LLC dba Poo-Pourri

My experience of Creativity Camp was surprise and delight from day one to our last minutes together. As a 25 year professional creative, I’ve attended many workshops and read even more books on creativity. It’s my opinion that the insights, approach and exercises Gay & Katie presented (and I continue to apply to my life ) represent both a lifelong deep-dive into myself and the cutting-edge of modern day creativity learnings and teachings.  This workshop is a paradigm blower-upper!!  -Les Mottosky

Creativity Camp was an igniting catalyst of magic and wonder that was (all along) within me. I loved creating daily play practices that expand my creativity transmitter. I felt equally drawn toward and terrified of the appreciation circle, like a miller to a light bulb, and I experienced such an expanded capacity to receive love.  -Rev Dr Dee Cooper

I loved CC! Why? I have always valued my creativity but realized I was not nourishing it daily. I took away a creativity daily practice that continues to nourish me and expand me.  -LoriAnne Reeves

It’s not often we get the chance to spend days doing nothing but finding ways to be more creative. Creativity Camp was the perfect opportunity to do that, with two masters of the craft. Not only did I learn more about the ways I create, I also learned dozens of specific ways to increase my creativity and the creativity of those around me. It’s a gift that has paid off at work, at home and in my relationships.  -Tim Peek, Master of Disruption at PeekDisruption.com