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Creativity Camp


Katie and Gay Hendricks

A Seven-Day Excursion
Into The Source Of Your Genius

July 6-12, 2013
Ojai, California

We’ll be exploring the different attitudes and inner shifts that facilitate creativity. We talk about two of those in this video.



What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck Creatively

Have you ever felt the notorious “writer’s block” or some other crimp in your creative flow? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. Watch this little video for a suggestion about a simple way to get your flow going again! It’s something you can do in ten seconds…anytime, anywhere.


Drum roll, please!
Here it is, for the first time ever…Creativity Camp! Seven days of life-transforming exploration and high cosmic theater with two world-class fun-slingers!

A Special Message From Katie And Gay

After many years of dreaming and envisioning Creativity Camp, we’ve finally created the time and space to launch it this summer! It’s our intention to make Creativity Camp an annual affair, a cosmic play-space for the evolution of new versions of your self. (And also to expand all of our upper limits on how much fun we’re willing to have!)

After 33+ years together, we’re more convinced than ever that expanding your creativity is the single most important thing you can do every day to create more love and abundance in your life. Once you home in on your creative genius you have a manifestation tool of inestimable value. The more you open to your genius, the more you are drawn into the circles of people who can help you bring your vision into the world. You don’t have to do it all yourself. If you adjust your wings correctly, you can ride on the currents of the creative consciousness of your chosen community.

Creativity Camp: The Essentials
Creativity Camp is intended for passionate students of conscious living, those of you who are dedicated to expanding your creativity in every moment. It’s for those who are committed to playing full out on the big field of life, people who aren’t scared off by the idea of having everything you want, enjoying everything you have, and making your essential contribution to the community.

•If transcending previously unseen barriers to your genius gets you organically high, you will likely spend the entire seven days of Creativity Camp in a glorious state of awe.

•If you enjoy being absolutely blown away by insights and perspectives that emerge out of new depths in yourself, you will likely spend the seven days of Creativity Camp feeling blessed beyond belief.

•If you love the kind of learning that draws more of the essential YOU out of the hidden treasure-chest of yourself (rather than the kind of learning that stuffs more in on top of it) you will love Creativity Camp.

•If you are intrigued by seven days of cosmic theater and life transformation in the presence of people passionately dedicated to transformation, you will probably get your money’s worth the first day.

Creativity Camp Tuition : $2,975

(Space is limited, and we will offer a $1,000 Early Bird discount until June 1. To get the discount you need to use the coupon code: CREATIVITYCAMPEB.)

To enroll go HERE.

You can download logistics document HERE.

Please note the Conscious Loving and Living Essentials: The 3-Day Seminar is a pre-requisite for this Camp. You can find information about Essentials 3-Day Seminar HERE.

Special 4-Minute Creativity Video!

Creativity has been going full-tilt around here lately, as we do our daily happy balancing act of teaching, book-writing and other projects. Once you turn on the flow of creativity you never know exactly where it’s going to take you. Here’s a little video we made to talk about Creativity Camp. We shot it in front of our bookcase, to illustrate what can happen when you open the creativity-nozzle to full flow!