The 90-Day Intensive Program
In Building And Maximizing
Your Successful Transformation Business

Beginning February, 2012


Personally Mentored By
Gay Hendricks and Kathlyn Hendricks



A Message From Katie And Gay

Soon we will be admitting a small number of dedicated people to the 2012 offering of The Conscious Entrepreneurs Program, set to begin in February. Please read the following material carefully to find out if the program is for you.

For the last few years we’ve been asking our students and colleagues what you most wanted and needed in terms of further learning. As we listened to what you had to say, the majority of people had some version of this statement: I want to make an excellent living doing what I most love to do, and I want to do it without the hassles and tedium that usually go along with running a business. The Conscious Entrepreneurs program is designed specifically to show you how to do that.

The program requires a substantial commitment on your part and the willingness to focus on building a substantial business. The Program is definitely ‘not for everybody,’ and we admit only a handpicked group of people to it. If the program is for you, you will probably know right away from reading the description below. At the bottom of this letter there’s a link to an application form to request a personal interview.

With respect,

Gay Hendricks and Kathlyn Hendricks

The Conscious Entrepreneurs Program:

The Art And Science Of Doing Well While Doing Good

We believe that the next ten years is going to see an unprecedented demand in the mainstream for transformational tools that produce real results quickly. Much of this demand is occurring in three areas you probably already have expertise in: conscious relationships, manifestation and how to feel organic wellbeing in your body. However, there’s a huge difference between having great, useful tools and being able to deliver them in ways that provide financial abundance and are not a big drain on your energy.

Who Is The Program For?

The Conscious Entrepreneurs Program is designed to assist two kinds of entrepreneurial activities: Start-Ups and Big Leaps.

Start-Up: You’re building a business from the ground up; you want to build it correctly so that you maximize profitability, minimize tedious activities, and enjoy plenty of time to focus on your genius. You need a structure, a plan and the tools to get your revenues up rapidly to $10,000+ per month.

Big Leap: You already have one or more businesses and are generating revenues in excess of $10,000 per month. Now, you want to scale your business up or change its direction so you are making more money and spending more time in your Zone Of Genius. You want to create more positive impact while doing less of things that feel like ‘work.’

What Was The Inspiration?

Over the past few years we heard an increasing number of statements like this:

•I like running my own business but the details are eating up my life and getting in the way of expressing my true genius.

•I’d like to learn better ways to market my services, but I’m uncomfortable with ‘selling’ or promoting myself.

•I’m making good money but I have to work too hard to do it.

•I want to make more and work less.

•I’d like to scale up so I can double or triple my income, but I don’t know how to do it without working more.

You Have A Calling To Share Your Gift With The World, But…

It saddens us that so many brilliant, gifted people are having such a tough time making a great living doing what they love to do. Over the past few years as we resonated with these feelings, we began wondering what we could do to make a difference in this crucial part of life. Out of that wondering has come the creation of the Conscious Entrepreneurs Program. It is specifically designed to take you through the steps necessary to build and maximize your transformation business. Using our time-tested templates, we walk you through the process of making a great living doing what you most love to do.

A Shift In Mindset And A New Strategic Toolkit

You were probably taught, as we were, that you had to suffer while you worked. You may have gotten the message, as we did, that being paid well for doing what you most love to do is a ridiculous fantasy. We’re here to tell you the exact opposite: you can make a great living doing what you most love to do. The first move, which you can do right now, is to shift your mindset so that you are willing to consider, as a living possibility, that you can do extremely well while doing the good you came here to do.

The new program is designed specifically to save you a lot of time and money. Because we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours learning great business strategies, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. The strategies you’ll learn in the program boil down to executing a small number of powerfully effective actions over and over, fine-tuning them constantly to meet changing times. Once you see what it takes to run a successful transformation business, you can put most of it on autopilot, freeing you to focus on what you love to do. In fact, many of the strategies you’ll learn in the program will make money for you literally while you sleep.

Helping People Transform Their Lives

If you’re like us, the reason you do what you do is that you are passionately turned-on by helping people transform their lives. You probably feel, as we do, that your work is an expression of love. We’re just starting our 32nd year of living and working together, and for the first five years or so of that time we were not successful in the business aspect of our lives. During that time we stayed just as turned-on as ever about helping people transform their lives, but our lack of business skills really detracted from joys we could have been reaping had we been able to navigate the business world.

Once we realized how much this lack of savvy was costing us—in happiness as well as material abundance—we got ourselves into action.

If We Can Do It, You Can, Too

We worked for a year or so on just getting ourselves into the mindset of being financially successful. It wasn’t easy, because we had no mentors and because we both came from backgrounds where selfless service, sacrifice and martyrdom were highly valued. Making a sincere commitment paid off hugely, though, because it got us pointed in the right direction and caused an immediately upsurge in abundance. Then came years of learning specific strategies, which continues to this day. We’re firmly convinced that learning a great new business strategy can have a powerful positive effect on your overall wellbeing, just as learning a new spiritual practice can often make a difference on the material side of life. It took a while, but the dedication was well worth it: It culminated in a multi-million-dollar business doing what we love, and it came with a further great blessing: never feeling like we were ‘working’ while we were doing it.

How It Works: The Basic Structure Of The Three-Month Program

During the course of the Intensive, you devote approximate 4-5 hours a week to doing the activities of the program. Most of the program is instructional ‘face-time’ with us, followed by assignments and activities you carry out.

Contact Time

•Two hour-long conferences a week, on phone or videoconference

•A 3-Day In-Person Training in Ventura, California

•Responses to your questions and comments on the Conscious Entrepreneurs web-board

•24/7 access to a full curriculum of training videos that cover every aspect of creating a conscious business.

Between-Session Activities

•After each session you’ll get assignments to implement before the next session.

Big Leap Track: Extra Activity

If you are in the Big Leap track you engage in an additional activity every other week:

Big Leap MasterMind: You meet with Gay or Katie and up to four of your peers for a Big Leap MasterMind. These sessions, lasting approximately 60-90 minues, are remarkably powerful. Not only do you get the benefit of input from Gay, Katie and your peers, you also get to draw on the enhanced creative energy and collective genius of the group’s synergistic connection with each other. Each week you make a status report and request feedback from the group.

**In our experience there’s nothing that can match the power of having four or five excellent manifestors making suggestions and listening carefully to your ideas.

The Content Of The Three-Month Program

•You get mentored by us personally as you go through the specific steps to build and maximize your transformation business. We’ve had the joy of thirty-some years doing what we most love to do and being magnificently well paid for it. That’s what we want for you. That’s what The Conscious Entrepreneurs Program is designed to do, with a series of steps we’ll coach you through.

**In 2012 For The First Time!

Participants in the Conscious Entrepreneurs Program will get a brand-new piece of breakthrough content: the material from Gay’s new book on wealth creation, Good Fortune. This material, which Gay has been brewing for more than a decade, gives you a completely new paradigm for creating wealth. It’s truly like nothing you’ve ever seen.

•During the first two months of the program—the Training & Implementation Phase—you get two Training & Implementation Sessions each week. The sessions last about an hour each, during which you’ll learn specific strategies for putting your transformation business on a solid footing. The infrastructure you build during this phase will help you grow your business steadily over the next few years.

•In the next 30 days of the program—the Fine-Tuning Phase—you learn how to run a profitable business, doing what you most love to do, while avoiding the hassles of having to reinvent the wheel. Continuing to meet with us on the phone or videoconference, you get all the templates and strategies necessary to do it with ease. You eliminate expensive mistakes and avoid the daily hassles (such as writing marketing copy, creating course outlines, web-pages, etc.) that can take the fun out of business.

•As you build and refine your own products and services, you also get two ready-made, turnkey transformation businesses. One is a relationship seminar for singles and couples; the other is a seminar on vibrance and wellbeing. You will get all the necessary materials, including marketing emails, flyers and other peripherals.

•You get a powerful Facebook/Twitter strategy that will take your positive face-and-name recognition into a new dimension. We invested six months and upwards of $30,000 to learn our strategy, but by using our templates you can implement it in under an hour.

If you do Facebook and Twitter effectively, you don’t really need to buy ads or market in any other way. We’ll teach you the exact same strategy we use; when you see it in action you’ll likely be amazed at its power. It’s doubled our business while enabling us to work much less on marketing. For example, Katie recently sold out a 200-person lecture and a 70-person workshop in London, using only our Facebook and Twitter strategy for advertising.

•You’ll come to a 3-day in-person meeting with us in Ventura, California. This meeting is optional but highly recommended. If you can’t make it to the meeting we’ll post videos and highlights for you.

•During the three months of the Intensive, you engage in a deep transformation process on the personal level, guided by us. This transformation allows you to expand past your Upper Limits into your Zone Of Genius. Using your Zone Of Genius as your launch pad, you learn to live your life in waves of abundance.

What Is Required Of You?

There are several important requirements you should consider before applying for the program:

•The key first factor is your commitment. This program is for people who are sincerely dedicated to making a difference in the world while being well paid for it. Before you apply, do a ‘gut check’ with yourself: find out if you are willing to make a sincere commitment to enjoying material abundance while making your maximum contribution. You will need to make this commitment and stay passionately focused on it during the Conscious Entrepreneurs Program.

•The second factor is whether the service or product you offer to the world has genuine, lasting transformational value. Does it reliably touch people deeply and make a difference in their lives? The Conscious Entrepreneurs Program is designed specifically for transformation businesses.

•The third factor is your willingness to learn and execute specific breakthrough business strategies. Year in and year out, we personally stay open to learning new skills. Over the last two years we’ve invested more than $100,000 in learning promising new tools for maximizing transformation businesses. We think our openness to learning new strategies is one of the main reasons we’ve never had a ‘down year’ in all the years we’ve been in business. In fact, we often grow faster during recessions than we do during ‘good times.’ There have been some years when we had a big upsurge (Thank you, Oprah!) but in general the growth has been steady and positive for more than two decades.

•The fourth factor to consider is whether you are willing to dedicate approximately four to five hours a week to The Conscious Entrepreneurs Program. If you have doubts about whether you can commit to four action-packed hours a week for the three months, you should not apply for the program.

The Big Problem

Long before Oprah came and waved her magic wand over us, we turned a corner that you may also need to turn. There was a big problem we had to overcome, and it may sound familiar to you. Many authors, coaches and transformation professionals have brilliant ideas and life-changing gifts, but they are woefully unskilled at marketing, promotion and the running of a successful business. We know—we used to be like that. Gay recalls a frustrating moment in his training: “One day, when I was nearing the end of my Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology at Stanford, I had an unsettling conversation with one of my professors. I asked him when we were going to learn about the nitty-gritty aspects of being in private practice, like how to get referrals, how to handle billing and insurance issues, how to organize seminars, how to advertise our services, etc. He gave me a blank stare, as if he’d never thought about that before. And indeed, he hadn’t. He said I was the first student to ask about that sort of thing, and he even implied that I was a bit crass to be thinking such mundane thoughts. Suffice it to say, I never got ten seconds of training in the ‘business’ of my career, an area that makes such a huge difference in the quality of your life. In the years since then I’ve spent a small fortune in trainings and programs that helped me run a conscious business. It all paid off handsomely, but I still sometimes find myself irritated that I didn’t at least get some of it when I was in my very expensive graduate training.”

Cost Of The Program

The tuition for the program is as follows:

Start-Up Track: $9,785*

(*If you have taken courses from us in the past, you can get a $2,500 reduction. Mention this during your application interview.)

Big Leap Track: $14,785*

(*If you have taken courses from us in the past, you can get a $5,000 reduction. Mention this during your application interview.)

Our Primary Commitment

Our primary commitment now in our lives is to pass on the very best of what we’ve learned about something we know ‘in our bones’: how to be happy in your personal life and relationship life while at the same time being rewarded generously on the material level.

If that’s what you want, you may be a good candidate for the program. Before you apply, do a ‘gut-check’ on yourself to find out if:

•You are absolutely passionate about helping people make quantum jumps in their wellbeing and the love they feel in their relationships, (which also means, of course, that you are passionate about living your own life to the fullest in love and wellbeing.)

•You are passionately dedicated to being a model for others in how to be financially successful while also leading a life of ease and creativity.

If that describes you, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.
With love,
Gay and Katie