Evolutionary Playground: New Paths to Change for Uncertain Times, Winter 2020, Ojai, CA

January 24, 2020 @ 9:30 am – January 26, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
Ojai Valley Woman's Club
441 E Ojai Ave
Ojai, CA 93023
Earlybird Price: $595.00 until January 3, 2020
$695.000 after
The Hendricks Institute

Are you willing to let go of trying to fit into an existing model that keeps generating struggle?

Does the concept of “playing through” rather than “working through” quicken your curiosity?

Are you ready to move into resonance and ease as your ground of being?

Would you be willing to live your life fully expressed–to let the universe play the instrument of you fully and with delight?

Are you willing to end your addiction to adrenaline and fear?

For years our introductory seminar Essentials focused on the skills to shift easily with body intelligence tools. We’re now exploring the possibility of living primarily in an evolutionary cycle of presencing, connecting and playing through collaboration and harmony. Yes, it’s possible to live free of blame and criticism, even inside your own head. Evolutionary Playground will focus on co-creation and resonance to expand solutions and new ways of living in this time of accelerated change.

The future is improvisation, and the future is here NOW. Humans are grappling with knowing too much about things over which we have little to no control (millions of bits and bytes), and knowing less and less about that which we DO have control, our bodies, experiences and choices. Welcoming rests in the heart of improvisation—saying yes to what is happening, what you are feeling, what you notice. When you welcome and include, you create a context where everything is fuel for aliveness and where each moment arises from turning toward, accepting, choosing and taking actions from your essence. You welcome others whose essence likes to dance with yours, and your co-created dance inspires others around you to join your personal evolutionary movement.

In Evolutionary Playground, you’ll get out of the head-centric orientation that has skewed reality for several millennia, and into your whole-body creativity, where you can make your dreams real in your life. You’ll learn to use simple, powerful skills, backed by scientific research, that take you from “working on” your life to consciously creating your life. EP is partly an adult playground where flow replaces struggle, and partly an unfolding of the new paradigm of body intelligence and co-creation. Evolutionary Playground opens up a new path through deep, experiential learning and discovery. You author your own map to create true love for yourself and others that you embody in your moment-to-moment choices.

Access to Essentials Online will be included for all who enroll in Evolutionary Playground. Essentials Online is a complete seminar, including workbook and over twenty videos, guiding you through the foundational practices that Katie has been teaching for a couple of decades. 

Evolutionary Playground includes:

-Introduction to The Evolutionary Cycle of presence, connect, play
-Favoring the opening rather than banging on the closed door of the past and familiar patterns
-Creating and collaborating with ease
-Letting go of opposition and resistance and letting the universe move through you—creating you own magic
-Harnessing the power of authenticity to find and sound your unique tuning fork and experience as a unique and evolving work of art
-Creating flexibility and range of focus with attention and awareness: for example, easily being aware of your inner experience while able to giving full attention to a person and tracking the energy flow of a group
-Access to Essentials Online will be included at no extra cost for all who enroll in Evolutionary Playground

Evolutionary Playground is a prerequisite course for our other Trainings.

Early Bird Rate: 
$595 per individual, on or before January 3, 2020

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What People Are Saying About Evolutionary Playground

I have attended at least 5 Evolutionary Playgrounds! I love it so much, I keep coming back. Each time, I learn something new as Katie invents new ways to invite the growth of a nervous system that can handle more and more positive energy. At the last E.P. I attended, I discovered I had been fainting through life. I had been fainting that I faint. I knew that I had a tendency to run when I was scared. And discovering that I energetically faint when I am scared has given me a sense of waking up. Since then, I have been more active in my community and in my life!”
-Crystal Dawn

If you’re not willing to experience BIG, POSITIVE shifts in your life, then this is definitely not for you! Immersing  myself with the tools learned here has literally shifted my perspective of the world. My reward is to be living and creating my life to the fullest, most enjoyable experience possible. I’m learning to expand my ability to give and receive love and am now nourishing myself in a ways that are struggle free. When I first came across this opportunity, I felt scared and unsure and did it anyway.  Now after attending 3 Evolutionary Playgrounds (I’ve  experienced each training uniquely) I can undoubtedly say that choosing EP is the single best decision I have made in service of myself. Katie is pure genius,  modeling living in integrity and wholeness. Come and learn for yourself.
-Deb Glass

Evolutionary Playground offers cutting-edge techniques with the latest tools I can use with my clients. It builds on essential basics for personal transformation based on amazing and ongoing discoveries in human consciousness from my favorite masters in awareness, Gay and Katie Hendricks. It is ideal for beginners and experienced journeyers alike! I look forward to coming back again-and-again and playing with deeply hearing what’s emerging.
-Phil Johncock, MA, MMs, MABO
Genius Listening Fellow

This Program has been revolutionary in my personal and professional life.  I am authoring my life through embodied wisdom.  I am creating out of greater stability, ease and generosity.  I am in a direct and satisfying relationship with everyone and everything in my life.  I feel I’m learning the doctorate level of creative mastery. Quite pleasantly, with the brilliant tools of Katie and Gay Hendricks I’m accomplishing more in my work and personal life through discovery and joyful play than I ever did with hard work. I thank my lucky stars to have been introduced to their Evolutionary Playground!
-Rebecca Folsom
National Touring Musician, #1 National Radio Charting Songwriter, Fine Artist, Published Poet, Vocal Freedom Facilitator

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