Evolutionary Skills for Challenging Times: Body Intelligence & Conscious Loving, Germany

April 26, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – April 28, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Marktplatz 10, Pavillion
87730 Bad Grönenbach
Earlybird Price: 310.- €uro until March 15, 2019
350.- €uro after
Christine Müller
0049 8334 986626

Our gathering this year will focus on the best practices that Gay and I have discovered in our forty years of living and working together. When societal structures shift radically, many people retreat into increasing control, escalating power struggles and creeping fear reactions. This seminar is based on creating and sustaining a new, body intelligence-based model for growth and interaction that sees humans as whole and resourceful. These experiential practices can apply to your own growth, all your relationships and work and are designed for both personal and professional transformation. We’ll explore:

  • claiming creativity to replace adrenaline and conflict as your major fuel source
  • befriending fear to open more choice and response-ability
  • releasing old patterns easily, especially criticism
  • aligning through integrity practices to make daily decisions easy and effective
  • experiencing the new paradigm of presence-connect-play rather than the old model of us vs. them
  • reviewing the Conscious Loving relationship map to thriving relationships throughout life

No previous experience is necessary, and each enrolled participant will receive unlimited access to our foundational seminar Essentials Online (in English), which contains a workbook and over twenty videos that guide you through our most effective transformational processes.

Contact, logistics, information
Christine Müller,
Seminar Villa Thal
Tel 0049 8334 986626
Workshop in English language will be translated into German language

350.- €uro
310.- €uro, early bird discount (till six weeks before seminar)
Money transfer
IBAN DE77 7315 0000 1001 9586 42
(Sparkasse Memmingen
D-87700 Memmingen
Josphsplatz 6-8)

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