The Couples Course, Berkeley, CA

August 14, 2020 @ 9:30 am
Nancy Stubbs
1-800-688-0772, Ext. 1


Are you willing to continue growing in joy and appreciation with your partner?

Are you willing to completely resolve your favorite Upper Limit Problem in favor of expanding love and creativity every day?

Are you more interested in presence than the past?
If so, read on:

The Couples Course is designed for partners who want to fuel their relationship with harmony and creativity rather than the old model of adrenaline-based criticism and power struggle. The course contains the essential practices we use every day for enjoying more vitality and continuous renewal.

One primary intention of this course is to shift partners from the feel good–mess it up cycle that most people think is the norm in relationships to a completely new realm. In Quantum Loving, the new paradigm, you explore how to end conflict and criticism permanently and replace those impasses with practical magic. You’ll learn to access what you most love to do, support each other’s genius and focus on expanding appreciation and creativity in wider circles of connection.

Completion of Evolutionary Playground: New Paths to Change for Uncertain Times, is a pre-requisite for this course.

Along with the customized activities designed on the spot for the group that gathers, partners will explore:
• How to experience the newest evolution of practices we introduced with our new book Conscious Loving Ever After
• How to see you and your partner as whole, resourceful and creative
• How to get unstuck from recurring patterns, arguments and limitations while continuing to have a good time
• How to catalyze your presence and creativity for ongoing renewal
• How to generate a flow of mutual appreciation in your relationships
• Turning the key to sex and money issues
• How to enjoy all the free time you liberate by not criticizing and controlling each other



-Early Bird Rate:

-Evolutionary Playground: New Paths to Change for Uncertain Times is a prerequisite for this course.

-Our product, Essentials Online, is available as an option for you to meet the prerequisite if you haven’t taken the in-person training. Cost: Tuition + $97.00

-Cancellation Policy – 90% refund (10% withheld as a cancellation fee) of the training tuition paid.

-Cancellation Policy if you purchase Essentials Online at the time of registration – 90% refund (10% withheld as a cancellation fee) of the training tuition paid less $97 for the Essentials Online product.

-Transfer Policy – 10% transfer fee will be assessed and depending upon which future training you choose, the Early Bird discount may be forfeited, requiring additional monies to meet the full tuition amount for that training.

-If you have any questions, please contact our Enrollment Consultant, Nancy Stubbs, at 1-800-688-0772, Ext. 1 (Pacific Time);

Next course: August 14 – 16, 2020 in Berkeley, CA

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What People Are Saying About The Couples Course:

If you are in an intimate relationship, regardless of whether it’s awesome or maybe could use a little TLC, I cannot recommend this weekend with Kathlyn Hendricks highly enough. It really is possible to completely eliminate blame, criticism, and bickering from your relationship. Using the skills we learned at this workshop, Christine Margiotta and I have created a fundamentally different relationship than we had before we went, and I wish I could give this as a gift to every couple I know and love. -Becky Margiotta, Co-Founder and President, The Billions Institute, LLC

It is a year now since my boyfriend and I attended the Couples Course with Katie, and we are still unwinding and learning more about the seeds we planted together there. It’s like we opened a window, and saw all sorts of possibilities, and now a year later, I see how many of those we’ve brought to fruition together. I feel myself walking on solid ground playing with the tools with my boyfriend – we share a language, and that is priceless. -Aileen Hayden

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