The Play Imperative

November 1, 2019 @ 9:30 am – November 3, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Healing In America, Ojai, CA
107 W Aliso St
Ojai, CA 93023
Earlybird Price: $595.00 until October 3, 2019
$695.00 after
The Hendricks Institute

Are you having fun yet?

That’s a question we ask partners stuck in conflict or colleagues mired in operational drudgery. For a long time most people would snap back:

“This is a SERIOUS issue—what could you possibly mean by fun—this ISN”T fun?!”

Well, we now know that new solutions arise from play, from the ability to shift perspectives and rules and turn things upsidedown with curiosity. Do you know how to play? Do you value play? I didn’t.

If your past was anything like mine, play was definitely not on the menu. I was a very serious child. I was convinced I was grownup by the time I was 9 and had plans to change the world (through my persistence and pursed-lips control) before I entered high school. I could see looking around at what the grownups were up to that life was hard work, not so fun, and full of rules and things to get done the right way. Play, fun and goofing off didn’t happen so much around our house so I didn’t really know that was a possibility until well into my adult life. I feel as though I’ve continued to get younger, more playful and more fun as I’ve aged, liberating my playful child while continuing to operate effectively in Adult World. I’m convinced that genuine play is our birthright and the source of creativity, collaboration and conscious evolution.

In this seminar we’ll be enhancing wholeness by diving into the world of vibration, resonance, tossing and other play building blocks. We recognize that each of us is a whole being, connected and co-creating all the time. Rather than the getting over and getting better strategies many of us got pickled in, we’re focused on getting more expanded and collaborative through the lens of play. We’ll be discovering how to bring a heart-felt intention in from space and then minding it, caring for it all the way through to full expression while having a great time.

Why don’t grownups play more? Consider the possibility that we’re simply afraid of the free-flowing energy that moves us when we create for the sake of creating. Energy rises and we don’t know what to do with it, so we mess up our agreements, hide our feelings and stop playing. When you presence yourself in your real experience and learn to shift from fear to flow, you are available to en-joy, to experience your body, daily life and interactions with others as a source of ongoing bliss and occasions to play.

In this new advanced workshop we’ll be creating experiments and processes to befriend fear, especially about sexual feelings and creativity. We’ll be weaning our nervous systems from the adrenaline addiction of drama and stepping into full-contact presence and the radical play that results. We’ll be untangling our feelings from under the pile of societal rubbish heaped on our bodies and sexuality for centuries. When you know in your cells that you are totally lovable, you start seeing others as unique and lovable and place your attention on creating rather than further entangling yourself in the hero, villain and victim roles of the drama triangle. Through Fear Melters and other activities, you’ll journey through your fear cave out into the light of your essence-love and essence-expression so you’ll be able to continue evolving your play repertoire when you go back home.

With presence and play, we can move from fear to flow easily and unwind the mythologies that block the moment-to-moment joy of being in a unique body among other lively and emergent bodies dancing on the Big Body that fuels all our creative juiciness.

About the Advanced Courses

We can shift how we organize our days, our relationships and our world. It is possible to get our fuel from deep connection rather than conflict and drama, to generate solutions rather than recycling dead end structures and ways of thinking that we exhausted several centuries ago. You can join us in generating a world where people presence easily, connect deeply inside and with others, and enjoy the magic of play replacing work. Each of our advanced courses deepens the experience that Evolutionary Playground begins, so that you can live in a generative cycle that renews you while contributing to your world and the world we are regenerating.

November 1-3, 2019


  • Tuition: $695 per person
  • Early Bird Rate: $595 per individual on or before October 3, 2019.
  • Seminar Prerequisites: Completion of Evolutionary Playground or…. 
  • Our product, Essentials Online, is available as an option for you to meet the prerequisite if you haven’t taken Evolutionary Playground or previously attended the Essentials 3-Day Seminar. Cost: Tuition + $97.00
  • Cancellation Policy – 90% refund less $97 for Essentials Online (10% withheld as a cancelation fee).
  • Transfer Policy – 10% transfer fee will be assessed and depending upon which future training you choose, the Early Bird discount may be forfeited, requiring additional monies to meet the full tuition amount for that training.
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What People Are Saying About The Play Imperative

I experienced the Play Imperative as Life transforming. Adding to the tools I have already been using, the deepening of my awareness and understandings around how my whole being thrives on playfulness led me to expand into new play territory that includes being even more curious about my own and others’ experiences. I especially appreciated the rich and deep sharing I experienced with the group. – Mari H, BA, MATL

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