The Leadership and Transformation Program

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Leadership and Transformation Program:
From Mentoring to Mastery


This whole program is about embodying fully, releasing anything that’s not essentially you in an easy way, and getting so connected to/with purpose that you become an open conduit for purpose to move through you with delight and benefit for all.

The Leadership and Transformation Training offers a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the technologies of consciousness, the “how” of making evolutionary practices real in your daily life and relationships. We’ll be using an osmotic model where we engage with other committed consciousness enthusiasts, accelerating creativity and generating new paradigms. Students create their own curriculum and have access to the wealth of materials (books, videos, seminars, podcasts, etc.) we have generated in our forty+ years of practice. In contrast to many traditional programs that resemble pickle jars, where the juice gets poured on top of participants, the LAT program more resembles an Aikido studio where everyone participates and where transformation emerges through direct experience and the ongoing willingness to step into the unknown.

     Here’s what you can expect:

• Being challenged continuously to live out to your edges and to favor wonder, openings and delight

• Learning to turn fear into flow and resourcefulness reliably as you engage with the world

• Committing and recommitting to the practice, perception and purpose of integrity/wholeness

• Ending victim/villain seesaw patterns and hero/victim sludge

• Delighting in and sourcing the unique expression of authenticity

• Claiming full creativity and letting your presence invite others to access and enjoy their own  

• Mastering a range of skills to embody the presence-connect-play spiral that replaces the adrenaline-fear-based paradigm

• Coming home to your essence and grounding all your choices in loving yourself

• Accessing, supporting and expressing your unique genius in the world

• Blending the program with your passions to create new evolutionary possibilities

The Leadership and Transformation Program requires a two year commitment. Prerequisite: Completion of Evolutionary Playground: New Paths to Change in Uncertain Times. Enrollment is limited, so give careful consideration to your level of interest and commitment to the program. A $500 non-refundable application fee is applied. Please contact for more details.

What People are Saying

“One of the things that makes LAT so different from other programs is the focus on the body and the transformative power of using movement and breath, (not just my mind) to transform my life.  Since joining the program I have learned how to use my voice much more, and express myself powerfully and authentically, which has brought about more closeness in my relationships. I’ve learned how to truly love myself, not just as a concept, but how to really care for and nourish myself daily.  I’ve made friends with my fear and learned how to feel all my feelings–which is one of the keys to experiencing a buzzing sense of aliveness all day long!  Most importantly, I feel that I live more from my authentic self, from my essence, than ever before, and that is for me, ultimately, what life is all about— living, and loving as my true self.” -Courtney Giancaterino

“I’ve been teaching, and giving talks and workshops quite a bit over the last few months, within a wide variety of environments – geographical and cultural, and to diverse groups of participants. I see and feel over and over again the ease and response-ability that I create through my knowing and experience of the facilitation tools I learned in the LAT program. I regularly get the specific feedback of ‘seamless facilitation’, or ‘brilliant facilitation’. I receive the appreciation and own my part in that; and I know that I didn’t have that ability before entering the program. I had most of the knowledge and wisdom that I share through the content, but I didn’t have the tools to shape and deliver that content at the level I have now of effectiveness, and of ease for me and maximum ease and benefit for the group.  Thank you Katie for the brilliance in the tools you teach, and in the way you model then as you teach them such that they became integrated into my experience organically over the two years. And to the folks in the LAT now, you are in the hands of a master. A master of connection and play.”  –Gillian Ferrabee, Creative Producer

“I have learned to love myself, with unconditional love, and to see the great beauty and value of my essence. My heart feels full, expanding, overflowing with love for myself AND for the whole world. I want to hug the world! (Seriously!) I feel liberated and light, and it all is rooted in my love and *delight* for who I am. And now, I am brimming with excitement for what’s next for me — how I will put all of this powerful love juice to use! Creativity is a-stirring!” -Elizabeth Hunter

“If Kathlyn Hendricks were a factory, the product you’d see at the loading dock, being lifted into the trucks and shipped to all corners of the world, would be masterful human beings.  Since that technology today still eludes us, Kathlyn has developed the most fun and life-altering two-year program in existence, the Leadership and Transformation Program.If you are, for any reason, not ready to play in a field of creative responsibility, and do not want to challenge the beliefs your mind has made up to keep you safe, small, and miserable, please do not contact Kathlyn Hendricks.”  -Evan Lange, Owner,

“My experience with the Leadership and Transformation program with The Hendricks Institute has been, well…truly transformational! My entire life has opened up for me in expansive and delightful ways. I am truly now enjoying my full-out aliveness in ways I never imagined possible before I joined The Hendricks group. My capacity for creating and engaging in the life I really want has increased a thousand fold! I can say without reservation that I experience a shining quality of life that includes: happiness, self respect and love, abundance, both financial and otherwise, depth and authenticity in relationships of all kinds, deep connection with my body intelligence and how it guides me, ease of choice and decision making, physical energy, and the list goes on…!  I feel deep gratitude for Gay and Katie Hendricks and the remarkable generosity and skill with which they share their brilliance!” -Susan Kistin

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