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Programs and Events • Resources and Downloads

Somatic Finance®

Somatic Finance® bloga twice monthly e-communication offering insightful perspectives linking money to our life, including a practice to engage, and a dive deeper for more discoveries.  Offered by Gayle Colman, CFP®.

Read the Somatic Finance® Blog
Programs and Events

Are you on the threshold of your “next level”?

I recently held a Masterclass sharing my latest body of work that helps show you the specific area(s) in which you may be sabotaging your progress (ULP!). This fresh framework has been revelatory for attendees and my clients, so you can REALIGN and call in the clarity, commitment, and moxie to boldly take your next BIG LEAP! 

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One-on-One Coaching

Shift Support with Clairvoyance

“I know there’s something intangible that I can’t get at!” That thought led Jody Kaylor to clairvoyant support nearly 10 years ago. A Big Leap Coach and Graduate of the Leadership and Transformation Program, Jody is also a natural, trained and certified Clairvoyant Reader and Energy Healer/Shifter offering individual sessions. Transformation happens when energy shifts!

Email jodykaylor@me.com

Impact with Integrity: Repair the World Without Breaking Yourself

One of our Leadership graduates, Becky Margiotta, has just published a powerful new book called Impact with IntegrityRepair the World Without Breaking Yourself. You can find details of her important work here: https://www.billionsinstitute.com/books/

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Programs and Events

New Moon, New Choice

FREE body-wise monthly mentoring with Big Leap Coaches Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner! We gather at the beginning of the moon cycle. Join us to create new moon intentions that bring your full-bodied expressions to light. Stop slogging towards productivity and start riding the creative waves of natural rhythms. We meet 5:30-6:30 PM PST on Zoom. Dates vary with the moon.

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One-on-One Coaching

Foundation Training

“Normal” doesn’t exist anymore and cultivating a new sense of foundation and whole body presence seems required to feel secure.  I have a simple mantra:”Feel your body, Find your breath, Make a sound”, three easy steps to getting ‘here’. I am a Foundation Trainer, Foundation Training (www.foundationtraining.com); feel free to contact me with any questions, as well as to schedule online training. Offered by Audrey Hazekamp.

Contact Audrey
Communities • Programs and Events

Guys Getting Real: A Men’s Group with Dean Yasuda

I am offering a bi-monthly mens group focused on learning how to be an open-hearted guy in a world that teaches men not to feel, and then blames us for not expressing feelings, and not to be vulnerable and then blames us for being guarded. I am gathering a group of men who are interested in supporting each other in learning to understand and express our feelings in healthy ways, and to enjoy the aliveness that comes from getting real. 

Learn more and register here
Communities • Programs and Events

Rock Your Relationship Immersion Program For Women

A year-long transformational trauma-informed program for women designed to help you overcome the inner obstacles and patterns that get in the way of your ability to enjoy deep connection, intimacy and ease in your relationships – with Robyn Smith, LAT Grad, certified NARM practitioner in developmental trauma.

Learn more about the program
Communities • Programs and Events

Free Facebook Group for Women Wanting Support in Sustaining Healthy Relationships

Join the Healthy Relationships Sisterhood Facebook group to connect in sisterhood with fellow travelers on the path of conscious relationship. Hosted by Robyn Smith, LAT Grad and certified NARM trauma coach.  Robyn offers free weekly video trainings in how to navigate the stress, trauma and unhealthy patterns that may get in the way of ease and joy in your relationships.

Women Wanting Support in Sustaining Healthy Relationships
Resources and Downloads

Enjoy this 7-Minute Creative Resilience Meditation

Compliments of Kristina Turner, Hendricks Certified Coach, enjoy this 7-minute meditation to support you practicing and embodying creative resilience.

Listen to the 7-Minute Creative Resilience Meditation
Communities • Programs and Events

Free Rock Your Relationship Communication Training for Women

Discover the 7 Steps to Clear Communication and Getting Heard in about 1 hour per day. This online training will show you step-by-step the best strategies for clear communication, deeper intimacy, transforming conflict and creating connection. With Robyn Smith, LAT Grad, trauma and relationship coach.

Learn more and signup here
One-on-One Coaching

Align with your Authenticity through the healing light of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology)

Do you feel aligned with who you truly are? Schedule a session with Crystal Dawn to discover your storehouse of gifts, talents and co-participate with your life’s purpose.

Book a Vedic Astrology Session
One-on-One Coaching

Awaken Whole Body Vitality

Dean Yasuda is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Fitness Professional as well as a Big Leap Coach and Graduate of the Leadership and Transformation Program, and offers online breathing and fitness programs that integrate whole body wisdom. Email: Dean@MicheleandDean.com

Learn more on the website
Programs and Events


becurrent is a guided approach to the way you organize your tasks and projects, so you can soar and create the extraordinary life you want. We show you how to use your productivity as a path to purpose. Created by long-time Hendricks friend and business-buddy, Sophie Chiche.

becurrent Today
Challenges • Programs and Events

Free 5 Day Breathing Challenge

Enjoy learning new breathing practices. Discover how to Balance PH, CO2 and O2, and how to primarily nose breatheAlso, learn how to clear your nose so you can breathe more easily.

Free 5 Day Breathing Challenge
Assessments • Quizzes

Discover Your Authenticity Baseline

Dhira and Kristina, Big Leap Coaches, have a fun survey for you! You might be tempted to “check all the boxes” and move on to your next task, but that’s not how this survey works. We invite you to move and breathe as you reveal your growing edges and celebrate your authenticity skills!

Discover Your Authenticity Baseline
Programs and Events

Beyond Treatment: Thriving in Recovery with Fay Zenoff 

Beyond Treatment: Thriving in Recovery with Fay Zenoff is an on-line, interactive 6-week workshop specifically designed for individuals in early recovery. Navigating life successfully after rehab requires far more than just avoiding relapse. This program introduces a wholistic approach to learning how to (re)build dynamic, healthy and fulfilling lives — grounded in recovery. Facilitated by Fay Zenoff, a recovery advocate, educator, and consultant.  Contact fzenoff@me.com.


The Women in Fitness Association, (WIFA)

Created with the vision of establishing a platform to prepare and develop more women to be in leadership roles in the fitness industry by championing women to achieve their career aspirations, and share their success through collaboration.

WIFA Founder: Lindsey Rainwater, Fitness Industry Leader and Consultant.

The Women in Fitness Association, (WIFA)
Communities • Programs and Events

New Time! New Choice: Playsploring Our Deep With-dom

Meets Fridays, 10:30-11:45 AM Pacific. Join Big Leap Coaches Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner for lively, nourishing connection and group coaching. Transform stuck stories and discover how collaborative play opens up new possibilities. Shift from struggling to bubbling!

Learn more about New Choice: Playsploring Our Deep With-dom
Programs and Events

Deeply Connected: Your Sexual Relationship as a Spiritual Path

Sexual relationships have been both a source of great excitement and joy and a source of fear, hurt and pain. This course will invite participants to deepen their sexual relationships and to learn to experience them as a spiritual path. This is a self-paced video course full of great nuggets, activities, explorations, and handouts. Take advantage of the Early Bird price. Taught by Marlene and Bob Neufeld

Learn more about the program

Take the LightMap® Quiz! 

Discover what stage you are in your business, how you may be derailing progress, and the intentional action steps you need to take in order to grow: http://willolovesyou.com/LMquiz-hi Created with love by Certified Big Leap Coach, Willo Sana.

Take the LightMap® Quiz!
Assessments • Quizzes

Feeling out of alignment? Take the Alignment Quiz!

Take the Alignment Quiz and let these questions serve as a gentle inquiry to help you discover what’s needing your attention right now. Your results will clarify how to realign and get back in the flow, to consciously create the life & business you desire! Offered by Willo Sana.

Take the Alignment Quiz!
One-on-One Coaching

Soul Dreamwork

One-on-one sessions to explore your dreams as a path to reclaiming your personal authority.

“Respect your dreams. Nature doesn’t waste energy. It’s seeking to communicate to us in some way which, if we pay attention, may begin to heal some of the splits that we all carry.”
– James Hollis, Ph.D.

Offered by Oxana Holtmann, Jungian-informed Big Leap Coach.

Email oxana@oxanaholtmann.com

Scared AND Sacred: Color a Magical Relationship with Fear and YourSelf

Available on AmazonBarnes and NobleApple iBooks, Michelle Hubbard, Author.