2018 Date to be Announced

Does your mindfulness practice stay on the mat or show up vibrantly at home and at work?

Are you excited and nourished by the dynamic balance between your inner exploration and the inter-exploration of your relationships?

Can your mindful practice resolve conflict and create laughter?

Do you know how to jumpstart your collaborations with presencing?

Are you at home in your body? Do you move and breathe easily and feel flexible and confident in your presence?

If these questions intrigue you, this seminar can open doorways to enjoy the power of presencing, which is mindfulness in action, embodied mindfulness. Presencing brings the power of your awareness, attention and body intelligence out to the edges of your skin and out into the frontier of co-creativity and the magical space between us.

Humans require attention just as much as food or water, but we’re very stingy about actually giving and receiving appreciation, support, generous listening and other forms of positive attention. Most of us were weaned and schooled on the myth that criticism works, a myth that destroys relationships of all kinds. In contrast, the practice of presence grows our ability to let being and engagement create a field of deep connection where creativity expands lifelong. Presence can replace adrenaline addiction and free you from the fear trance and the repetitive victim-villain-hero drama that encapsulates many peoples’ lives. Presence allows you to drop the masks, get under the personas that limit your creative choice. Presence wakes up our ability to connect and play and to rewire our nervous systems to enjoy more and more positive energy in all areas of life.

We will dive deeply into consciousness technology that expands your actual skill in presencing, THE primary skill for satisfying success in all areas of life. Plus, since we know now that we don’t learn anything new unless we’re having a good time, these activities and practices are friendly and, wait for it, fun. Presencing combines flexible and caring awareness of self that’s experienced in a responsive and fully-expressed body with appreciative and inclusive welcoming of others and their worlds.

Specifically, we’ll be using simple, powerful, reliable activities to explore:

  • Being able to collaborate, to share your uniqueness with ease and to enjoy your moment-to-moment experience of being alive
  • Shifting into curious discovery by choice, rather than operating from a critical, what’s wrong now use of your presence
  • Using presence freely and by choice so that you are able to shift and focus easily even in stressful circumstances
  • Sustaining presence in relationships, for example, presencing like a good dancer able to flow with big and subtle energy and juice as you work on a project or share different perspectives
  • Allowing a flow of presence and engagement between you and others so that you refresh your inner reservoir rather than slipping into depletion and eventual burnout
  • Generating solutions and creative expansion through presence—getting good at improvisation in the unknown
  • Being able to shift the lens of presence, for example, to take in the tone of a group and then shift attention to one person while being aware of the group context/field
  • Releasing what hooks your attention in a friendly way to support completions and new beginnings
  • Letting your presence touch your experience directly so that you are at home in your deepest body intelligence
  • Joining presence and energy flow by choice to be able to be with small and large experiences and expressions of energy/feeling in you and with others
  • Reading attention cues from others accurately, for example, seeing and sensing the emergence of emotions in another

Benefits of the practice of presence:

  • Great timing, that is, being in the right place at the right time
  • Brain flexibility and growth—i.e., getting smarter
  • Being able to create big external results with small, strategic shifts
  • Embodied relating that fosters deep connection
  • Renewable creativity and collaboration
  • Increased savoring of life each day

PLEASE NOTE Prerequisite: 

  • Evolutionary Playground: The Path of Play (formerly Essentials) is a prerequisite for this course. 
  • Our product, Essentials Online, is available as an option for you to meet the prerequisite if you haven’t taken Evolutionary Playground or the Essentials 3-Day Seminar in person in the past. Cost: Tuition + $97.00
  • Cancellation Policy – 90% refund (10% withheld as a cancellation fee)
  • Transfer Policy – 10% transfer fee will be assessed and depending upon which future training you choose, the Early Bird discount may be forfeited, requiring additional monies to meet the full tuition amount for that training.
  • If you have any questions, please contact our Enrollment Consultant, Nancy Stubbs, at 1-800-688-0772, Ext. 1 (Pacific Time); [email protected]

2018 Date to be Announced



If you haven’t attended Evolutionary Playground or Essentials: Making The Big Leap in Life and Love:
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What People are Saying about The Power of Full-Spectrum Presencing: Taking Mindfulness into Your Daily Life and All Your Relationships:

During this long weekend, I learned to really trust myself and my body and received clarity on the ways in which my body can  be my ally in life decisions. Katie is a master at providing lots of valuable tools, practice sessions, and experiences to reinforce being truly present in the moment, and always in a playful, fun-filled way. From these experiences, I have since launched a new business that is both heart-centered and fulfilling and allows me to embrace presence in my interactions with clients, as I help them reconnect with their bodies using trauma-sensitive yoga techniques. I also rely on presence to access my body’s cues in making life and business decisions on a daily basis. I look forward to learning and playing with Katie in other workshops in 2016. –Lisa Daniels, Owner, Facilitator, Instructor, Full Circle Therapeutic Yoga, Bozeman, MT

The most impactful thing I learned through Katie’s advanced trainings was that I had my values around activities, relationship and creativity misordered.  In other words the gates through which any pursuit, person or creative idea needed to go through were in the wrong order.  My first gate needed to be was it adventurous, fun, playful and exciting. I’ve had those values since I was a child, judged them as childish and had them too far down on the list. Since the trainings I have been reveling in the the reordering of my life and the expansion of what is most life-giving to me.  Now I find it easy to know what to stop doing and get rid of…making tons of money on Craigslist. –Cliff Haggerty

Don’t go to one of Katie’s Advanced Courses unless you are fully prepared to have a great time. If you show up ready to play, know that you will laugh so hard your sides will hurt. And it’s entirely possible that you will discover something within you that will alter the course of your life. Or maybe you’ll just have a great time and that’s enough for now. -Becky Margiotta, Co-Founder and President, The Billions Institute, LLC

Learning how to presence has been one of the single most important tools for my own evolution and sense of aliveness and fulfillment in life. Until I took this course, I hadn’t realized how much of my life I was living out of being present, and how valuable the practice of presence was. Katie is a masterful teacher and will show you how to embody presence, not just learn it as a cognitive concept. Now I am confidently able to use the tools and skills of presencing to create more flow of love and connection in my relationships, discover the wisdom inherent in my body, expand my creativity, and experience more flow and joy in my life.”  -Courtney Giancaterino, Certified Big Leap Coach

Over the last 20 years I have participated in many mindfulness trainings and meditation retreats. For the most part the practices were solo ones – going inwards and bringing curious awareness to one’s internal body/mind moment to moment experience. What was unique about Katie’s “The Power of Presencing” workshop was that it upped the ante, bringing in the relational aspect within a context of play and discovery. How does the tone of my attention change as energy in the room rises; as emotions are expressed by others; as old patterns are triggered in me? How fluid is my attention and when does it lock in to one aspect of my experience such as the content of a stimulating group discussion? What choices am I making with my attention and which ones increase my sense of aliveness? I loved the depth of this workshop and the fact that we laughed so much. Who knew that mindfulness could be so much fun!  -Donna Munro

Last year I attended The Power of Full-Spectrum Presencing, and it was one of the most powerful weekends of transformation in my 4 years of study with Gay and Katie.  It was also one of the most fun and playful weekends.  The energy in the room was palpable as each person was there with the intention in being present in that moment.  Throughout the weekend, we played with new and different ways to invite us into the present in the moment.  It allowed me to gain a new range of options to create presence through Katie’s direction as well as learning from others in the room.  It was amazing!!    -Danielle Bordenave

I attended this workshop with Kathlyn Hendricks last summer.  It is deceptively smooth and enjoyable as a process, full of laughter and play….I was going along enthusiastically and the next thing I knew, I was overflowing with creative inspiration, effortlessly. Highly recommend this as a vacation option too. Ojai is lovely.  –Gillian Ferrabee

The Presencing course really delivers.  All the great features mentioned in the course description are delivered in spades by world class facilitator and presence master, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks. My learning was fun and easeful (imagine!) and much territory opened up for me around attention – mine and others – particularly developing my capacity to use my attention in a fluid, choiceful way.  I’m so enamored of the material, facilitator and learning environment, I plan to take the course again.   -Anna Downing