Breath And Spirit


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Discovering Your Spiritual Dimensions Through The Gateway Of Breathing

Seven New Breathing Practices
For Conscious Evolution

Taught By
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

A Video
For Advanced Students And Professionals

A Message From Gay Hendricks

Over the past few years I’ve refined a new set of seven breathing practices designed to open a new space inside you, an inner feeling of easeful connection to yourself and the cosmos. At the same time, the practices amplify your manifestation power in the outer world. If you will invest attention in learning these practices, I predict you’ll come to regard them as a beneficial turning point in your life.

Feeling Body And Spirit As One

In this video we explore the higher possibilities of breathing. You’ll learn a series of innovative breathing processes that produce an exquisite result: a beautiful new inner landscape for you to savor, plus an enhanced ability to manifest what you want and need for your life.

When you do these new practices, you’re likely to experience the resolution of a wonderful paradox: the boundaries dissolve between the physical and the spiritual. In other words, you feel your body becoming a spiritual vehicle as well as a physical one. Instead of thinking of your body as something that carries you from place to place, you suddenly realize your spirit is carrying your body! On the physical plane it’s a delicious sense of lightness; on the spiritual plane it’s an already-always feeling of connection to the larger universe.

Living In Waves Of Bliss

Getting Off Of The Feel Good/Feel Bad Cycle
Life has cycles that must be honored, but there is no universal law that says you have to feel bad after every time you feel good. Many of us remain stuck in an unnecessary cycle of Feel Good/Feel Bad/Feel Good/Feel Bad. The same holds true in relationships: many couples remain locked for years in cycles of Feel Close/Fight/Feel Close/Fight. In this series of breathing processes you’ll learn a new, conscious alternative: Feel Good/Rest/Feel Even Better/Rest/Feel Supremely Good/Rest. You learn to soar to higher and higher levels of love and positive energy without feeling the need to sabotage yourself. It’s a new way of being, a master-accomplishment of conscious living that requires commitment and dedication to cultivate.

Shimmering Energy, Vast Open Space
The new practices produce a unique expansion on both the inner and outer levels. On the inner plane you feel a new glow (one of our students called it ‘shimmering energy’) along with a feeling of open spaciousness. Another student said ‘I suddenly felt like I had twice as much room to be myself in.’ From descriptions such as these, we’ve come to think of these new techniques as a spiritual practice as well as a personal development or physical healing tool.

Spirit Into Matter…Matter Into Spirit
The new practices bring a right-now, every-moment experience of spirituality to your body. In other words, you feel the presence of spirit rather than conceptualizing about it. In many ancient languages the words for ‘spirit’ and ‘breath’ are the same. You’ll feel the truth of that wisdom when you engage with the new practices. As one of our students said, “I started out thinking of whole-body breathing as something I was doing for my health, but after doing the practices for a while I now think of them as a form of whole-body prayer.”

Manifestation Power In The Outer World
When you open up that larger inner space, you also create a larger launch pad from which to manifest your wants and needs in the outside world. As you open up more inner space you may also discover a deeper level of heart-centered desires for your life. Whether you are manifesting a new love-relationship or a new job, you may suddenly discover a place of deeper connection with what you really want. From that place closer to your heart, you become more likely to create a healthy relationship and a thriving career.

Teaching the higher possibilities of breathing is one my life’s passions, so I am delighted to share these amazing practices with you. We’d also love to hear from you about your experiences in using the practices in your life.

With love,

Gay Hendricks