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Your Daily Creativity Booster

Follow Katie’s directions and the engaging music to stimulate your creativity in only ten minutes a day. Scientific studies emerge almost weekly to support what we’ve know for decades; when you move in new ways you get smarter, solve problems more quickly and generate more creativity in all areas of life.

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Listen to a short clip taken from Your Daily Creativity Booster


Harnessing Your Unique Creativity

Everybody is creative—most of us just didn’t hear that often or learn how to integrate creativity into daily life. This audio download guides you through doorways to your most tuned-up sensory learning channel and then gives you easy guidelines for growing your creativity.

Creating Genuine Choice

When you know what you really want you liberate a huge amount of creative juice. This process is designed to assist you in discovering and using your body wisdom to make choices, a very efficient and easy system that grows and changes with you. You’ll discover how to how what you want and don’t want and how to listen to your inner voice as you move through life.


Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

These short videos are FABULOUS ways to get creative juices flowing! I love to watch one in the morning as I begin my day. I have found them to shift me out of old habitual patterns and give me access to greater aliveness and more ideas to fuel my day.
Elizabeth Hunter