Essentials Online
Jul 31 @ 7:48 pm

Essentials Online gives you the advantage of online accessibility, learning, viewing and integrating at your own pace, and reviewing key videos of most value to you. Katie spent months consolidating the key processes from the three-day seminar so you can dive right into the activities that will make a difference in your well being, your close relationships, and your work.


The workbook pdf contains the purpose of each activity, any handouts that accompany the particular video, and applications for the process you’ve just experienced. Whether you are an individual passionate about lifelong discovery, a coach, counselor or organizational leader, Essentials Online will give you more tools to expand your effectiveness and joy in living and your work with others.

The purchase of (and hopefully, the full experience of) access to the videos fulfills the requirement for the advanced courses. Essentials Online meets the prerequisite for our advanced courses but does NOT fulfill the prerequisite for the 5-day trainings we offer twice a year to become a Big Leap Coach using our approach. We highly recommend you attend the Essentials that Katie teaches just prior to the 5-day or attend the Leadership-taught Essentials that will include Essentials Online. Learning together with other consciousness enthusiasts is the best way to prepare for the deep dive of our 5-day Advanced Trainings.

List of videos included in Essentials Online (for a total of 215 minutes of high-powered experiential learning):

  • Introduction To Essentials
  • Fear Melters
  • The Power Of Commitment
  • Components Of The Yes Breath
  • Combining Yes Breath With Movements
  • Gay’s Breathing
  • Shifts and Drifts
  • Drama Triangle
  • The Persona Interview
  • Locate Your Persona In Its Tribe Activity
  • Exploring The Drama Triangle With Openness To Discovery
  • Exploring Personas
  • Creative Joint Play
  • Introduction To Befriending Your Feelings
  • Befriending Your Feelings
  • The Wizards Of Ahhs
  • Learning To Speak From Discovery
  • Blame Talk Vs. Conscious Heart Talk
  • Blame Eliminator
  • Moving Into Response-ability
  • Essence Pace And Essence Interview
  • Genius Spiral

Here is a sample of one of the videos, The Power of Commitment:


Here are the first few pages of the workbook, which is designed to support your optimum at-home learning experience:
Click here for the workbook sample

You can purchase access to Essentials Online for $149.
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What People Are Saying About Essentials Online

I feel breathlessly excited at the possibility of you having these materials in your hands and in your life. Katie Hendricks is a living master and a profoundly gifted teacher. What you learn from her will transform your life in unimaginable ways. Let yourself relax into these powerful concepts, taking your time to watch and re-watch the videos and study, practice, and play with the written materials. As I’ve said many times, the work of Katie and Gay Hendricks has changed every moment of every day of my life. As you commit to this path of conscious living and loving, you–and those around you–will benefit in rich and truly unknowable ways.
Julia B. Colwell, Ph.D., psychologist, author of “The Relationship Skills Workbook: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to a Thriving Relationship” and “The Relationship Ride: A Usable, Unusual, Transformative Guide.”

I just spent a day going through the videos and manual of your Essentials Online. It is terrific! It’s a concentrated version of many trainings with gaps edited out. So I could review the best stuff easily. I was entertained by watching you, Kathlyn, and watching everyone else we knew from the last few years of trainings. And where audio might be difficult to understand there are captions so everything is clear. This is a BIG help to me in planning my own courses. The big flow chart, the way you set up participants for the day–it’s all there organized for us. There you are holding our hand as we go forward. I feel confident.
Many thanks, Kathlyn. Recommended to all!
Janet Parks, Resolve Struggle Consultant