Here is a short sampler of some of the activities we cover in Essentials to give you an idea of the highly experiential focus of the work.

Essentials gets you out of your head and into your whole-body creativity, so you can make your dreams real in your life. In Essentials you learn to use simple, powerful skills, backed by scientific research, that take you from “working on” your life to consciously creating your life. Partly an adult playground where ease replaces struggles, and partly an unfolding of the new paradigm of body intelligence, Essentials opens up a new evolutionary path through deep, experiential learning. You receive a tested roadmap to create true love for yourself and others that gets embodied in your moment-to-moment choices.

In Essentials: Making The Big Leap in Life and Love you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop blaming and use your liberated energy to design the life you want
  • Ramp up your emotional intelligence to give you a unique edge in your personal and professional life
  • Turn off your inner critic and turn on your inner genius
  • Get unstuck quickly and in over a dozen friendly ways
  • Expand your ability to give and receive more love and positive energy
  • De-stress and awaken a tangible experience of well being
  • Know what you really feel and want so you can make clear choices and powerful decisions about your life
  • Give yourself a new kind of attention that liberates your creative voice and opens up more intimacy with others
  • Solve the most hobbling interaction pattern and replace it with reliable problem-solving and innovative shifts

Kathlyn facilitates the Essentials 3-Day Seminar with the assistance of our advanced students from our Leadership and Transformation Training program. Our facilitators support your learning by exploring with you upon request and encouraging a deeper group experience of whole-body, whole-brain learning.

Essentials: Making The Big Leap in Life and Love is a prerequisite course for our other Trainings. This course meets the qualifications for 18 hours of continuing education credit for MFCCs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

People sometimes ask us how the Essentials 3-Day Seminar can be really useful when it’s so much fun. Our experience has convinced us that learning only happens when people are in a relaxed and open state. Now science is catching up with our experiential research. This brief article outlines a few of the scientific studies that support the wide range of learning activities we developed and the unique whole-body, whole-brain approach we take throughout 3-Day Essentials Seminar. Click HERE to download the article. [slideshow id=1]

Price: $695.00

Early Bird Rate: $595 per individual on or before December 31, 2016

Essentials: Making The Big Leap in Life and Love

What People Are Saying

“One of the very first tools I share with CEO’s, executive teams and the broader organizational culture is the drama triangle [a central feature of Essentials]. Reliably, they tell me that using just that tool alone has supported them in eliminating a tremendous amount of drama both among one another and within their own heads. A couple of companies have even created small rugs with the drama triangle on them that they have amongst their desks so they can locate themselves in their business conversations. One of my goals is to get this tool into as many organizations I can so that we can create a more sustainable workplace and world.”
Diana Chapman Advisor to Exceptional Leaders

“Attending the 3-day Essential workshop was a tour de force for both me and my business. It was an awesome combination of conscious awakening, healing and being supported by an incredible community. I walked away with tools that not only I can use, but also ones that I share with clients that spark breakthroughs that otherwise would have never occurred. Long story short, Katie is master facilitator, teacher and kind spirit. I’m honored and humbled to have worked with and learned from her in an intimate environment. I can’t wait to attend another.”
Antonio Neves, Coach to Top Young Entrepreneurs & Startups

“I have encountered the idea that suffering is optional before – and this is the first time I have tasted it in my body. There is a space around my suffering now that is new and opens up a lightness in life I want more of. That is an indescribably precious gift.”
Aileen Hayden


1. This sounds too simple—how can moving and breathing actually impact my real-life issues?
Simple doesn’t mean simplistic, stupid or silly. Simple means the essentials, the very attitudes, processes and practices that build a successful life choice by choice. When you get out of your head and into your body, real magic occurs. It takes a lot of work to make things really simple, and we want to share those lessons with you.

2. This training must just be for couples, right? Do I have to be in a relationship?
You can be in a relationship, single, looking for love, guiding others, or completely uninterested in romantic relationships and still thrive in Essentials. Since we are always interacting with others, the relationship processes we explore apply equally well with families, colleagues and the person you pass in the subway.

3. Will my specific issue be addressed?
There will be at least a half-dozen ways you’ll get to explore, shift, resolve and replace your issues with better ideas and uncover more productive ways for you to employ your life energy.

4. I’m about to give up, tried lots of stuff. How do I know this will work?
Willingness and participation are the keys—otherwise, it’s really a come as you are party. You’ll also learn ways to really let go of the past, to love yourself in a clear way that centers and nourishes you, and to collaborate with other learners in a way that accelerates growth and connection.