Foundation for Conscious Living

The world is experiencing a huge shift.

And we’re here to support it.

Our Vision

We’re working passionately to create a new world. One where …

Each of us lives in harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Aligned inside ourselves, we live our lives in expanding waves of creativity and integrity.

All of our relationships honor the essence of ourselves and others, and every interaction is conducted with honesty and integrity.

We all live true to our organic spiritual nature. This honoring and connection form the basis for evolutionary, co-creative partnership: in community, politics, society and the planet.

We believe everyone on the planet, regardless of location or income, deserves access to resources that support this shift.

Our Mission

The Foundation for Conscious Living is a non-profit organization devoted to empowering people to embody Authenticity, Response-ability, and Appreciation: in partnership, community, politics, society, and the planet. We’re creating a world in which everyone enjoys a flow of appreciation and co-creation, in an evolutionary (instead of fear-based) context.

Our Core Ideas

Sweeping change can be surprisingly simple! We can create this new world by spreading 3 powerful ideas:

1. Authenticity:

The radical practice of consciously and continuously examining what’s really going on and expressing it honestly.

Live in constant discovery. Become more interested in reality than drama. Commit to external actions that reliably reflect your inner world. Then intimacy becomes ease-ful, decisions get clear, and we live with unparalleled energy and joy.

2. Response-ability:

The revolutionary path of authoring your own life, and consciously responding with absolute integrity.

Break free from unconscious patterns. Live with 100% empowerment. Drop fully into the present moment. Then we’re free to experience the joyous, wonder-ful reality: we are the creators of our own lives.

3. Appreciation:

The audacious choice to become exquisitely aware of our experience and focus on the positive.

Commit to being present. See through to the essential beauty of what’s around you. Be available for connection and celebration. Then we can share boundless wonderment, generating an ever-increasing spiral of positivity in and all around us.

Our Outreach Efforts

The Foundation is leading a worldwide shift, encouraging individuals and communities to embody Authenticity, Response-ability, and Appreciation through a number of powerful, real-world avenues. In our ongoing efforts …

  • We create programs such as Coaching Across Borders that facilitate counseling and connection at no cost for people and communities in war zones, civil strife, and disasters, teaching them to access their internal resources and respond to challenging events in empowered ways.
  • We fund and produce media projects with educational and entertaining messages for conscious living and loving. We also award grants to support promising research in relationship transformation, somatic psychology, and body-mind wellness.
  • We offer quality training and resources for individuals, communities, and businesses committed to bringing these ideas to life and creating positive impact.


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