If you’ve ever felt stuck, it’s your genius that’s beckoning.

If you’ve ever wanted to contribute more, your genius is the path.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a flow state, it’s your genius you’re tasting.

You’ve probably glimpsed your genius, even if you don’t live there all of the time. Majestic moments of flow when your creativity spills out with ease and joy. Privileged times when you show up with your fullest, highest self. When you feel most useful and most fulfilled.

What if you could live this way more of the time? All of the time?

This isn’t “soft stuff,” either. If you want a competitive edge in the real world, this is your golden ticket, laddies and lassies. Living in your Zone of Genius produces the highest ratio of satisfaction, productivity, and contribution to time spent.

More good news:

You don’t have to be “a genius” to have a genius.

You don’t need gobs of free time or money to explore it.

You don’t have to be (or become) an entrepreneur.

You don’t even have to feel especially unique, right now.

The first step to living your genius is your attitude. Adopt an approach of lighthearted, cheerful wonder. Explore with an open mind and an open heart. Release your judgments and replace them with curiosity and appreciation.

Ask yourself often:

What is my genius? And how can I bring it forth so it serves me and others simultaneously?

Let the answers come. Celebrate them when they arrive. Share them with the world.