The Presence-Connect-Play App

A Free Resource to Support Your Collaborative Fun The Foundation for Conscious Living’s Presence-Connect-Play app offers you invitational prompts to support you presencing in the current moment, connecting with others and your environment, and creating playful interactions. Try on the Presence-Connect-Play prompts together to increase your vitality and collaborative fun. Each time you open the…


Conscious Loving Ever After: The Practices

These videos were created to give you an embodied practice of the major processes we explore in Conscious Loving Ever After. We recommend that you continue practicing with their support until these new possibilities are easily integrated into your daily lives. Enjoy!


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Breaking The Blame Cycle Video – GeoBeats Series

A lot of people do not realize that blame and criticism are the number one relationship destroyers and when Gay and I first got together, we actually made a commitment to each other that we would simply stop blaming and criticizing because we saw that it is actually kind of an addiction when you blame…


Creative Joint Play Video

Here's an easy and effective way to refresh yourself in stressful times by simply shifting the way you're moving.


Creativity and Visioning

When you step into the future and look at the present, a different perspective illuminates your choices. This handout shows you one body-centered decision making process. Click HERE to download this document.


No Limits – More Happiness and Success Than You Thought Possible

This extensive article on Gay's newest non-fiction book The Big Leap, explores accessing and living in your zone of genius and the Upper Limit Problem and appeared in Experience Life magazine. We've reprinted it here for your enjoyment. Click HERE to download the document.


The Stages Of Close Relationships

We have noticed that relationships move through these stages over and over. Notice that you can change direction and rekindle romance if you make conscious decisions at the Choicepoint. Click HERE to download the document.


Seven Principles and Seven Magic Moves Take You to Conscious Loving and Super-Conscious Loving

FIRST MAGIC MOVE: Make a heartfelt commitment to the other person that you’re willing to go beyond all your ego-defenses to full unity. At the same time, make a commitment to going all the way with your creative expression. Then observe the emergence of your defensive barriers every day. Report them honestly, but don’t take…