"Before I went to my first training, I had read one of Gay Hendricks' books, watched many videos on their website and had been receiving coaching sessions from one of their certified coaches, Helen Daniels. I signed up for the training because I loved what I was learning in the coaching sessions, and I loved watching Katie Hendricks laugh in the videos. I remember feeling intrigued by the commitment form I was asked to sign before arriving. As I stepped up to the registration desk, I felt happy to see the level of diversity in the participants - all ages and all types of lifestyles. As the weekend went on, the thing that most impressed me was how much knowledge and craft there is in the tools, and how fun is woven in to every aspect of the work. That combination of refinement, depth and fun is what made the training itself fulfilling and the content easy to bring back into my life. Over time using the tools has woken me up to a myriad of glorious potentials in my life that I had not been able to see. This body of work is a masterpiece, crafted over a lifetime by Katie and Gay Hendricks. The tools are masterfully user-friendly and brilliantly fun to play with. And the results you can create are astonishing.”


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