Initiatives, Books, and Upcoming Events by Hendricks Big Leap Coaches

The Women in Fitness Association, (WIFA). Created with the vision of establishing a platform to prepare and develop more women to be in leadership roles in the fitness industry by championing women to achieve their career aspirations, and share their success through collaboration. WIFA Founder: Lindsey Rainwater, Fitness Industry Leader and Consultant

Beyond Ego: A Framework for Mindful Leadership and Conscious Human Evolution, Available on Amazon, Abigail Stason and Anney Smith, Authors,

Date and Relate from Your Genius: A Conscious Online Dating Group, an ongoing online coaching group offering ThriveTypes Eye Readings and Body Psychology for tuning your profile, screening for aligned matches, and being transparent and authentic while you’re writing and dating, Laureli Shimayo,

MONEYMOVES® NEWS, a monthly e-magazine offering stories, practices, insights, questions, surprises and more, Gayle Colman,”

The Sweet Spot: Leveraging Your Talents in Leadership and Life, Use the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes to Determine Your Genius, Available on Amazon, Co-Author Laureli Shimayo,

Lose Weight for the Last Time,  Free daily email tips on how to feel great today, lose weight tomorrow, and upgrade your entire life in the process.Created by Hendricks LAT grads, Jason Su & Kate Rouze. 

Close the Gap: from where you are to where you want to be… it’s closer than you think! Stop coasting and FLOURISH in your calling. Free Masterclass with Certified Big Leap Coach Willo Sana: 

Enjoy this 7 Minute Creative Resilience Meditation, compliments of Kristina Turner, Hendricks Certified Coach.  To listen, visit:

Resilience Playgroup: Presence, Connect and Play Through the Dark.  Series of 4 classes bringing light and joy into December and January on Vashon Island, WA with Kristina Turner, Hendricks Big Leap Coach. To register visit