Come explore the latest from our 33+ year relating laboratory, where we continue to dive in and mine new treasures.

It’s the space between us that will be the new hero.

If you want to learn, integrate, and engage with our material, there’s truly no substitute for live, in-the-flesh, experiential trainings.

The mind is a wonderful thing — but to truly shift how we relate to others, we also need the physical embodiment. (And a community of supportive co-conspirators doesn’t hurt, either!)

Our trainings are the culmination of decades of personal exploration, counseling, and teaching. They balance cognitive techniques, interpersonal exercises, and body-centered practices that harness the organic wisdom of the body.

If that sounds difficult, don’t fret! Katie is known as a “translator for the kinesthetically challenged.”

You’ll discover yourself. You’ll be supported by skilled guides and a community committed to a shared path. You’ll learn to bring your very best self to every relationship you have.

You’ll breathe, play, explore, share, and break through.

Go ahead. Rock your world!

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