Impeccable! The Integrity Deck

We don’t have to be perfect to enjoy more love and success in our lives every day. We only need a way to realign and recommit to a personal state of wholeness. Integrity is an experience of harmony and alignment. When we are in integrity the structure of our lives is sound, and we can move with agility from a reliable foundation, enjoying all life has to offer. Each card in our Integrity Deck communicates an effective way to shift into embodied alignment with ourselves again when we drift off-course.

Use the deck by yourself, in partnership, or in community to assist in solving problems, opening to more creativity and manifestation, and contributing with more effectiveness. Easily discover and develop your own easy action steps as you practice and play with these wise, light-hearted and beautiful cards.

We offer the deck in quantities of one through five at a price of $24.95 each (plus tax, shipping and handling). When you purchase the deck in multiples of six, the cost per deck drops to $21.21 each (plus tax, shipping and handling).

We also offer a downloadable electronic version of the deck for easy access on the go, at a cost of $19.95. This deck contains the exact same cards and artwork as the physical deck. Each card is presented on three screens: one screen for the collage, one screen for the explorations, and one screen for both.

In 2022 we revised several cards in the deck to include more diversity, and those revised cards are included when we sell a deck. The revised cards were added to the electronic deck in late April 2022, and a sleeve of the updated cards has been included with every hardcopy deck sold since July 2022. If you purchased a hardcopy deck before July 2022 and would like to swap in the eight revised cards, you can purchase a sleeve of the revised cards for $5.00 each (plus tax and shipping).

We have created videos for exploring the Integrity Deck to support your most expanded exploration of wholeness and alignment in all aspects of our lives. This introduction to The Integrity Deck video shows you some ways to use the deck. To see all of the Integrity Deck videos, click here.

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, PhDs, have been pioneers in the fields of body intelligence and relationship transformation for over forty years. Based on their books and seminars, the cards in IMPECCABLE! The Integrity Deck offer powerful, life-affirming integrity skills.

Kirsten Jones, LATG, is the artist and designer of the deck in collaboration with Kathlyn Hendricks. Kirsten is also a Hendricks’ Institute certified coach and graduate of their Leadership and Transformational training program. As both coach and artist, her passion is to catalyze creativity, facilitating your own discovery process, your unique creative expression and aliveness.

When you purchase Impeccable: The Integrity Deck, you directly support the Foundation for Conscious Living, as all sales fund Foundation programs and projects. The Foundation for Conscious Living is dedicated to sharing tools and resources to create a worldwide shift toward living in harmony of body, mind, and spirit. With your help, we’re touching individuals and communities around the world, creating a new era of empowerment and connection.

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Impeccable! The Integrity Deck