Additional Testimonials for the Work of Katie and Gay Hendricks

“I love this program. This is my fifth Essentials Training. Each time I revisit these tools and processes, I see my ability increase to recognize and read my body signals accurately. I have become increasingly familiar with my body’s own language. Understanding this informs me clearly that I have a choice to turn energies of fear and stuckness into a sense of aliveness. When I’m reconnected with my life-flow, I make new and creative choices.

Through the Essentials, I’ve come to recognize that most of my fears are habits and most situations do not require adrenalin to deal with safety. Applying breath and movement to increase flow, I feel new pathways of living freedom and joy being forged. I return to myself.

I’d recommend this approach to anyone who senses they experience any form of resistance in their life and who recognizes we will never change patterns with coercion or force. Willingness to learn, grow and play, curiosity and love is what allows us to experience true transformation. I’ve learned to reconnect to a place of clarity and presence in moments where it once took hours and days and in years gone by months and years. This is a playful, loving, and very fun forum.”
Soorya Ray Resels

“If you are ready to deepen into genuine, authentic relationship, to step beyond the masks of role and persona and to find the real magic of love, Katie’s Essentials and Couples work is for you!” Abigail McBride

“I came away more excited about my partnership than in a long time. We are participating in Mission Incredible and it has changed how we are together. We have more humor, more tenderness and deeper caring for each other. We can take a conversation that would have turned sour and continue it into an understanding. Thank you!” Susan Pitiger

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“I have been a practicing therapist for more than 3 decades and attended many trainings, though this workshop offered the most fundamental of elements to facilitate change in an effective experiential modality. I am breathing more easily as a result. Thank you.” Michael Lipstein

“I anticipated that the trainings would have a great positive impact on me, but in what ways – was way beyond my expectations! I discovered such a joy and real-life aplication of a body-centered approach, and I savor being in a moving, breathing and playing mode, which I intend to keep and expand. Thank YOU Katie and Gay!” Olga Kuvaldina

“I have encountered the idea that suffering is optional before – and this is the first time I have tasted it in my body. There is a space around my suffering now that is new and opens up a lightness in life I want more of. That is an indescribably precious gift.” Aileen Hayden

“The Essentials Course was a rich re-grounding in the value of somatic experience and expression in consciousness work. I appreciate the clear, practical techniques and conceptual clarity of the processes. A clear understanding and straightforward ways to recognize and work with the Upper Limits Problem was the most valuable take away for me in this program.” Neesa Moloney

“Participating in the Essentials and the Conscious Loving Program was an deep, invigorating and fun process of discovery. Throughout the program I was challenged to discover in myself what was real and what was not and learn fundamental skills of shifting from my story to my essence.” Harry Poliak

“It was a privilege to be in Katie’s company as a student. She is warm, intelligent, compassionate and insightful – a true blessing to all who meet her! Gay also is wonderful; we only had the pleasure of listening to him for a short while, perhaps an hour or so, but enjoyed him very much. He is engaging, funny, and delightful.” —Susan Wishner

“I heard about Gay 3 years back through his book 5 WISHES, I travelled from India to attend this workshop, as a personal coach i left the workshop, empowered, inspired and Happy
Gay and Kathyln guide from their heart and the personal dynamics they share is joyous” —Sunita Singad

“The learning material we covered went deeper and more coherently that I had dared to hope for. I was impressed by the depth and context Katie gave to concepts I have been exploring for some time.” —Rose Goodman

“Gay and Katie are the real deal. They walk the talk and are fascinating to see in action. I love the experiential learning opportunities. It is so rewarding and refreshing to be in a space of authenticity and transparency.” —Shanti Butcher

“I found the Conscious Loving workshop fun, profound and empowering. Gay and Katie created such a safe, enlivening and loving atmosphere that it was really easy to participate and play full out. I feel that I’ve got some real tools to develop skills in feeling and enjoying all of my feelings, and in making love easy. This is a must workshop for anyone who wants to consciously experience more love in their life, regardless of their life circumstances.” —Jack Resels

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“I’ve done a lot of workshops, and the Hendricks Institute is by far the most innovative and practical. I highly recommend you take advantage of their programs NOW.” —Karen

“How can I describe my experience with Gay and Katie’s teaching? There are just no words powerful enough to express how grateful I am for them to have shown up on my path. I feel like I have finally found ME. August 1st 2012 was the date I was reborn. I have come into awareness of my essence. They are able to put words to things I have been feeling inside for years. Their teaching is clearly the things you don’t know you don’t know. Revolutionary, I would say. This will transform the world one person at the time.” —Isabelle Denis

“This was my second time taking the foundation course and I got so much more out of it the second time because I had a better feel for, and understanding of my being, building on what I gained from last year. I’m SOO glad I took it again!! Thank you, thank you!!” —Michelle McLaren

“The Essentials class was outstanding. The activities helped me to develop the concepts and shift in a very meaningful way. Katie is a talented facilitator. The pace and sequence of learning opportunities was just right. This was a follow up to the Ventura Essentials and Conscious Loving courses I took summer 2012. I got even more out of this training the second time. I loved the changes Katie has made to the training.” —Kim Larrouy

“Michael and I have benefited enormously in our 11 years of absorbing the Hendricks Institute material, we especially love the Couples’ Catalyst process as a shared meditation. It has allowed us a quantum leap in our shared manifestation power and closeness over the years with maximum ease.” —Celeste Vermette

“Our experience of the 8 day event was and still is transformational. Our relationship is based in large part from its inception, on the Hendricks principles which we have loosely applied from several books we read while in a long distance relationship for 2 years and since then with online seminars we have participated in like the Relationship Solution and the Relationship Wizard. All very helpful and fun and revealing.

But really, there is no comparison to the dynamics of working with Katie and Gay directly and with the community of those engaging their energies in the study, training and play of the 2 workshops.

I was feeling such an immediate and profound change in my energy level from the whole experience. A lot of it from all the self discovery play and also from expanding my daily practice of all the basic breathing exercises. I was pretty high and totally charged up, until I got home around midnight on Sunday and came down with severe flu symptoms i.e.,the chills, a fever and joint pain. I’m still feverish and achy. Sounds like a clear case of an ULP sidetrack to me. Hmmmmm?

Ha! Yes we had a great and meaningful time and now have so much new material to explore together.” —Jack Salamone

“In attempting to describe what I was able to do in the Conscious Living training, the words “show up” come to mind. I’ve tried a number of retreats and trainings (Vipassana meditation, Alexander Technique) in my quest to remember who I truly am, but that beautiful, irreverent, hilarious, here-now space nurtured by Katy and Gay was catalytic. Here’s to love, and to me!” —Damian Cade

“Going into the Essentials training, I had no idea what to expect. For 3 days, I was with a bunch of people I’d never met and suddenly, through all the interactive exercises and whole-body learning, I was opening up to them and interacting with them about my inner most fears and desires without hesitation. I was certainly out of my comfort zone, but felt the training was cathartic for me on body-mind-spirit level; most importantly, it gave me practical tools and techniques that are sustainable for use in everyday life. Kate is a gifted and very intuitive facilitator who kept us moving and laughing and challenged our thinking and our propensity for “human doingness” —Frances Gilgunn

“Loved the Essentials workshop. Seeing Katie teach with gentleness, showed me how I can talk with others in this way…even when its a hot topic or emotions are high. See first hand that coming from a place of love melts defensive postures, was an eye opener for me…I thought I needed to be tough and hard to show people how serious an issue was. Love that love can shift and move things. Realized that the majority of my relationships and interactions with people are riddles with concealment’s and unexpressed feelings and how this stops the flow of energy and connection. Katie is a living example of a human being living in her genius …..and this is available to all of us…and what I hunger for. Thank you for the road map and reminding me that is can be easy. So much gratitude for the energy that Katie and Gay put into creating transformation for the planet. And ….I loved seeing Katie’s garden pictures on her Facebook page…I am happy she has such beauty and nature to nurture herself.” —Kathleen Daunhauer

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“It’s been 4 and a half years since my first training with Kathlyn Hendricks, and my personal and business life has never been the same. One of the many gifts I’ve gotten is learning about Emotional Literacy – using my body cues to know what I’m feeling and to express myself authentically.” —Maurie Arnold

“Have you ever had the experience of having the lights turned on inside yourself and you never knew they were off? That’s what happened to me when I attended this event for the first time. I found aliveness, emotional flow, open-mindedness, presence, play, connection with myself and others, and so much more. One of the best investments I ever made! Take the leap….” —Diana Carson Chapman

“The Essentials program with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks is a doorway into the You that you have always wanted to be, the You that you are undoubtedly becoming. In the Essentials container, you will arrive refreshed and years sooner, and the journey will have been a million times more fun! I know, I am on it and arriving daily.” —Sue Sun Celeste Vermette

“I came to the Essentials and 5-day Conscious Living 6 months ago, then joined the LAT program, and since then have been playing with and discovering the tools introduced there every day. Why? Because they are different from anything else I have played with over 25 years of inquiring into a happy life. My best description is that I was in a room re-arranging furniture for most of that 25 years; I talked to friends about how they were rearranging their furniture and I told them how I was rearranging mine. I uncovered old stories and how they limited my happiness; I relived hard experiences and came to appreciate my resilience. And I was still rearranging the furniture. Since coming to the Essentials, I am having the experience of having stepped out of that room. Of having left the furniture behind. Of no longer being interested in rearranging it. What I want now is the world outside that room, outside my personal history, beyond the old hurts and patterns. The Essentials gave me my first taste of that possibility, told me there was a door I could go through. I went, and I feel alive out here in a way I never have before.

The 5-day gave me next steps. The LAT program connects me with other explorers who are thriving, shows me road maps, supports me in moving beyond a first enthusiasm that might eventually fade. And it all started with the first door in Essentials, with realizing a door even exists.” —Aileen

“Before I went to my first Essentials training, I had read one of Gay Hendricks’ books, watched many videos on their website and had been receiving coaching sessions from one of their certified coaches, Helen Daniels. I signed up for the training because I loved what I was learning in the coaching sessions, and I loved watching Katie Hendricks laugh in the videos. I remember feeling intrigued by the commitment form I was asked to sign before arriving. As I stepped up to the registration desk, I felt happy to see the level of diversity in the participants – all ages and all types of lifestyles. As the weekend went on, the thing that most impressed me was how much knowledge and craft there is in the tools, and how fun is woven in to every aspect of the work. That combination of refinement, depth and fun is what made the training itself fulfilling and the content easy to bring back into my life. Over time using the tools has woken me up to a myriad of glorious potentials in my life that I had not been able to see. This body of work is a masterpiece, crafted over a lifetime by Katie and Gay Hendricks. The tools are masterfully user-friendly and brilliantly fun to play with. And the results you can create are astonishing.” —Gillian

“I focused throughout my 20’s and early 30’s on leadership development type trainings. If I reflect on the most powerful of those experiences and multiple the impact by 20,000 that starts to come close to the impact that Katie and Gay, their life’s body of work, and the community they have co-created have had on my life. I appreciate your demonstrated embodiment of all that you share and your commitment to transformation and love.” —Anna McGrath

“Over many years, I have read MANY books (and attended a bunch of trainings) on relationships, spiritual growth and more. The focused always seemed to be “what” can change in life and a lot about potential. One of the primary best things I appreciate about the Essentials training is that I received all kinds of valuable HOW information. All tools and techniques have been life-kitchen tested by Gay and Katie, and so many others, and were instantly applicable to my life. With the Essentials training I shifted from getting excited about great ideas to actually practicing great activities and living into the even greater results!” — Anna Downing

“This is the only training event where I never looked at my watch to see how close we were to ending! At my first Essentials, I remember being surprised and when Katie said “this will be our last exercise”. I wanted it to go on and on. If you want to enjoy a wave of positive feelings, have the most fun ever in a training and learn life changing skills, then this is the seminar for you.” — Michael Deloughery

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“Joining the Leadership And Transformation Program with the Hendricks Institute has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. My commitment to the program and self discovery has put me on a path of joy, creativity and an experience of love like nothing I have ever known. I feel gratitude to Katie and my fellow riders on this beautiful journey of no return where there are only possibilities, adventure in learning and profound love in connection as I step into the power of me. Yea!!!” —Margo Montgomery

“I think of you often, and so value what I learned in trainings with you. After graduating Apprenticeship in 2003, I went for my bachelor’s in psychology. During more than five years of college, I was presented with cognitive, humanistic, family systems, and other theories, and found again and again that what I had learned from you was already the distillation of the best, most powerful aspects of those approaches, made practical and brought to life. I appreciate the space for deep explorations in the week-long trainings you held. I learned effective therapeutic techniques from you, and experienced a variety of spiritual and universal openings and connections. I have taken many detours, but am still on a path of learning. Thank you so much for the gifts you bring and the contributions you make, through your presence, your commitment, and your example.” —Linda Brannan