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We’ve trained and certified hundreds of people in our principles of conscious living and loving. Hendricks-certified coaches are some of the most effective, caring people we know.

Our Coaching Program

Are you interested in becoming certified as a Big Leap Coach? Our program offers essential body-centered skills developed over the past 40 years that distinguishes our work from conventional approaches to problem-solving and transformation.

You will learn to assist people in:

-Quick shifts from low energy and feeling stuck to flow and creative ideas.

-Skills to deeply listen to body wisdom and enjoying the short-cuts, accelerated decision making and greater day-to-day vitality.

-How to facilitate the five essential skills of conscious relationship: Commitment, authenticity, healthy response-ability, appreciation and creativity

-Discovering more possibility to explore, play and connect from your vibrant experience

-The opportunity to facilitate growth for others while expanding your capacity for love and positive energy using our unique form of whole-body learning and Quantum Coaching

The Quantum Coaching System, a central feature of our program, provides tools for personal change and realization of individual goals. The Quantum Coaching System emerged from our 100+ years combined experience developing the most powerful transformation tools available.

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Find a Hendricks Coach

Ready to take your life to the next level? Yearning to explore what Genius, Conscious Relationships, and Body Intelligence look like in your life? Could you use a little help?

Our certified coaches can empower you with the learning, encouragement, and personalized guidance you need to create your life of conscious living and learning. They’re equipped with top-notch teaching tools and heart-opening insights. And they’re just plain wonderful people.

Visit our international directory of certified coaches and mentors here:

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Coaches Events

Our coaches are wildly creative, caring, and active people. They host live community events, embodying our teachings and their unique perspectives, all the time! Connect with them and the broader community by finding an event near you:

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