Body Intelligence Advanced Training 2024

March 14, 2024 @ 4:00 pm – May 2, 2024 @ 7:00 pm
Earlybird Price: $1,495.00 with the coupon code BQEARLYBIRD until February 15, 2024
$1,695 after
The Hendricks Institute

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This is an online course meeting from 4 – 7pm Pacific on eight consecutive Thursdays: March 14, March 21, March 28, April 4, April 11, April 18, April 25, and May 2, 2024.


Are you ready to deepen your effectiveness?

Would you like proven, powerful tools that spark discovery and integrate transformation easily?

Are you willing to continue renewing your own aliveness and joy as you empower others?

Join us, pioneers in body intelligence for over forty years, to learn reliable and friendly ways to add the body to coaching, counseling and your personal life. Changing your life doesn’t have to take a lifetime and doesn’t require hard work. In fact, transformation emerges from fun and collaboration, our specialties.

This advanced training teaches the essential body-centered skills that distinguish our work from conventional approaches to problem-solving and transformation. You also get the full range of Conscious Living skills from our Quantum Coaching System.The Body Intelligence Advanced Training is designed for individuals and professionals in therapy, medicine, health, business and other disciplines where leading edge transformation skills can make a difference in the day to day quality of life and creativity.

Becoming a certified Big Leap Coach:

Graduates of both the Conscious Loving and Body Intelligence Advanced trainings and the Restoring Resourcefulness Coaches Training are eligible to become certified Big Leap Coaches. For each of the 8 week courses, you must attend 6 of the 8 weeks of class LIVE in order to qualify for your coaching certification. The required Restoring Resourcefulness Coaches Training is an online three session training, with no additional cost for current participants.

Certified coaches are eligible for exclusive listing in our referral directory. Coaches may remain on the directory site for three years, and after that will be welcomed to renew their listing by registering for one of our current trainings. The directory list is viewed by thousands of visitors each week who are looking for practitioners in their geographical area. This directory has several different listing options, from a simple telephone number to a complete website. We encourage all our graduates to join our online referral base (


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Completion of either Evolutionary Playground: New Paths to Change for Uncertain Times or the earlier Essentials seminar is a pre-requisite for attendance in our advanced trainings.


Some of the skills and concepts covered:

  • Quick shifts from low energy and feeling stuck to flow and creative ideas
  • Skills to deeply listen to your body wisdom and enjoy the short-cuts, accelerated decision making and greater day to day vitality you notice
  • More possibility to explore, play and connect from your vibrant experience
  • The opportunity to facilitate growth for others while expanding your capacity for love and positive energy using our unique form of whole-body learning and Quantum Coaching

The Quantum Coaching System, a central feature of this advanced course, provides tools for personal change and realization of individual goals. The Quantum Coaching System emerged from our sixty years combined experience developing the most powerful transformation tools available.

We employ a learning paradigm for our coaching work. Although we have been practicing coaches and consultants for thirty+ years, we find that a learning paradigm offers certain advantages over a therapeutic or healing paradigm. In the latter, you must identify a wound or something wrong with you before you can get better. A learning paradigm does not presume anything wrong with you—it simply presents things you can learn to make your life and work more easeful and productive. In addition, the therapy paradigm often focuses on past events, presumably the price of a more positive present. While this may sometimes occur, the therapy paradigm often keeps people trapped in the past, perceiving themselves as victims, at the effect of what has happened. The learning paradigm, however, invites you to take full, celebratory responsibility for your life, make commitments in the present, fulfill those commitments, and identify goals for the future. The act of doing these things may pull past events to the surface, but they emerge in the context of a forward-looking journey to the future, not in a reference back to the past.

The Quantum Coaching System is founded on two central processes you’ll practice throughout your learning experience. Both distill the most powerful attitudes and skills we’ve learned.

  1.  F.A.C.T.: a body-centered problem-solving process that can be done in person or by phone.
  2. The Evolutionary Cycle: Learn to establish a reliable experience of ease and flow, and return to ease and flow in simple shifts that work even when you’re stuck.

Both of our advanced courses for professionals feature:

  • A unique form of Whole Body Learning
  • Flexible application to business and organizational settings Collaborative learning and accountability
  • Easy assessment tools for client-centered design
  • Modular structures that integrate easily with and add velocity to existing practices
  • Comprehensive support materials, including handouts and videos

Integrity is at the heart of our work. We have developed a specific definition of integrity that has great practical value in both your personal and professional activities.

  • Integrity is being aware of your own feelings, needs and life purpose. When human beings are oblivious to their feelings and needs, this inner wobble affects not only their own health and happiness but also the people around them. When human beings don’t know their chosen life purpose, they are rudder-less and adrift in a fast-moving world. When we are resonating with our own feelings and a clear sense of our life purpose, we can move rapidly and confidently toward creating the life of our dreams.
  • Integrity is speaking honestly about your inner feelings and outer actions. When human beings are overlooking or concealing important truths, they cannot maintain healthy relationships with themselves or others. Learning to speak authentically about inner and outer truths is one of the most important skills in all of life. Most unfortunate life occurrences can be prevented and healed through honesty with self and others.
  • Integrity is taking full responsibility for what happens in your life, while simultaneously creating a space for others around you to take full responsibility, too. When human beings are out of integrity with genuine responsibility, they devolve to blame and claiming victimhood. When we resonate together in a state of mutual responsibility, we can accomplish miracles.
  • Integrity is living in gratitude. When human beings fail to appreciate the wonders of themselves, their lives and the people around them, they fall into despair and a perception of themselves as victims. When we experience and express appreciation as an ongoing practice in our lives, we bring in more things to appreciate. Living in waves of increasing appreciation feels great and makes your presence a joyful force in other people’s lives.

How The Hendricks Work Is Different From Other Approaches to Coaching and Transformation

1) We emphasize personal integrity in all of the techniques that we teach. Whether at home or in business, we help partners learn to tell the truth to each other. When a person is hiding some truth, he or she will tend to complain about a relationship issue. Misunderstandings of responsibility fuel much relationship conflict. We help each partner in a relationship take full responsibility for any issue, especially if the issue looks like it belongs only to one person.

2) We believe that the central issue people face is expanding their capacity to give and receive love and to handle greater levels of unity and intimacy in their relationships and lives.

3) We balance cognitive techniques with powerful body-centered techniques that draw on the organic wisdom of the body. For example, in a couple’s coaching session or a corporate consultation, we make use of movement, conscious breathing and other tools that focus people on the natural healing capacity of their body processes. We have developed a transformational model that provides a flexible, yet comprehensive structure based in whole-body learning and collaboration.

4) We are very interested in concepts and techniques that emphasize unity instead of difference. Many currently popular approaches focus on the differences between people. While this may be useful at a certain point in evolution, we are very interested in laying the groundwork for the next stage of evolution, which we believe involves the fundamental unity at the base of all creation, people included. To this end, our techniques are focused on helping people reveal their own essence–who they really are at the spiritual depths of themselves–and to perceive the essences of other people.

5) We focus on specific actions over which you have control. Examples: You can’t control whether someone likes you, but you can control whether you pick up the phone and call them to talk to them about your feelings. You can’t control when you’re going to feel scared or anxious, but you can control whether you take a slow, deep breath.

6) We are interested in ongoing innovation. We encourage our students and coaches to incorporate our materials freely and to continue to create dynamic applications that contribute to their own growth and professional development.

7) We don’t belong to traditional coaching organizations, primarily because their mind-centric approaches are too intellectual to reach the deeper level we’re interested in exploring through our body-mind work. In addition, we’ve had experience with numerous bureaucracies and have found them all too limiting.

Download our Coaching Program Overview Here

Format: Live facilitated session via Zoom with private Mighty Networks group page for registered participants

TUITION (per person in USD)

    • $1,495 per person Early Bird Tuition on or before February 15, 2024 with coupon code BQEARLYBIRD
    • $1,695 per person full tuition starting February 16, 2024
    • $900 per person for Big Leap Certified Coaches, Leadership & Transformation Graduates, Repeat Attendees (of this specific course), Military (Active Duty or Veterans), Active/Enrolled Students, First Responders (Firefighters, EMTs/Paramedics, Police Officers). People in these special circumstances must enroll directly with our Enrollment Consultant, Michele Yasuda, at enroll@hendricks.comor 800-688-0772 ext. 803.


The prerequisite to this course is completion of our Evolutionary Playground: New Paths to Change for Uncertain Times course, either our past live, in-person version or the Zoom-based version now offered.

Evolutionary Playground is offered on February 1 – March 7, 2024, immediately preceding The Body Intelligence Advanced Training. Both courses are offered back-to-back as part of our Body Intelligence Special. This combined tuition pricing is $1,495 for both trainings. Please see the Body Intelligence Special here for more information.

Though all classes are recorded, live attendance of our courses is highly recommended. Our courses are experiential and include breakout sessions in small groups. If you do not attend class, you will be missing a large portion of the discovery process as well as affecting the experience of participants in the course. NOTE for Big Leap Coaching Certification: For each of the 8 week courses, you must attend 6 of the 8 weeks of class LIVE in order to qualify for your coaching certification.

Feel free to reach out to Michele with any questions about this training, the logistics, and more information about our other trainings.

March 14-May 2, 2024 via Zoom

• Cancellation Policy – 90% refund (10% withheld as a cancellation fee) of the training tuition paid less $97 for the Essentials Online self-study program, up until February 15, 2024. No refunds will be given after midnight on February 15, 2024 Pacific time.

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What People are Saying about our Coaching Program

I said I would offer some feedback on how I find the difference between 5-8 day face-to-face sessions and week-to-week online sessions  with you guys. I love both. Spending a few days in a row in the face-to-face trainings was great. I left feeling completely connected. In hindsight I was overwhelmed by the large number of commitments and agreements I made all in one go. I spent quite a lot of time undoing the ulps. And they were mixed up, not sure what was what. Now, bearing in mind, this may be my learning style. Also, I love the interaction and actually meeting amazing people. In the Weekly online sessions, you cover one or two topics well and the group work is fab. I find the “bits” of info just enough to digest in a week. Like this week, I noticed myself wondering about listening. Noticing I had a good number of filters and was able to address them bit by bit, asking the other to repeat what they said, noticing if I was short based on a judge filter etc. I have done this every week. Each subject , I seem to have jumped in and live each topic into embodiment. (Love that?). Also meeting every week helps me reset. And so I get to have weeks of Hendricks magic over a longer period of time. I feel and experience that I am adopting a practice for life in a more sustainable way. Katie and Gay, I hope this makes sense.  Thank you for your amazingness. Much love and respect – Annita Keane, Success Coach | Best Selling Author | Speaker

I anticipated that the trainings would have a great positive impact on me, but in what ways – was way beyond my expectations! I discovered such a joy and real-life application of a body-centered approach, and I savor being in a moving, breathing and playing mode, which I intend to keep and expand. Thank YOU Katie and Gay!  – Olga Kuvaldina

I have encountered the idea that suffering is optional before – and this is the first time I have tasted it in my body.  There is a space around my suffering now that is new and opens up a lightness in life I want more of.  That is an indescribably precious gift.  -Aileen Hayden

I have been a practicing therapist for more than 3 decades and attended many trainings, though this workshop offered the most fundamental of elements to facilitate change in an effective experiential modality.  I am breathing more easily as a result.  Thank you.  -Michael Lipstein

I think of you often, and so value what I learned in trainings with you.  After graduating Apprenticeship in 2003, I went for my bachelor’s in psychology.  During more than five years of college, I was presented with cognitive, humanistic, family systems, and other theories, and found again and again that what I had learned from you was already the distillation of the best, most powerful aspects of those approaches, made practical and brought to life.  I appreciate the space for deep explorations in the week-long trainings you held.  I learned effective therapeutic techniques from you, and experienced a variety of spiritual and universal openings and connections.  I have taken many detours, but am still on a path of learning.  Thank you so much for the gifts you bring and the contributions you make, through your presence, your commitment, and your example.  -Linda Brannan


Grace and I were recently at a conference for leadership coaches on the East coast and were seen amongst our peers as having a lot of understanding and tools that they were unaware of. Everyone kept asking where we had studied and your names were circulating around the room. They were so impressed with our awareness of how to support transformation that the whole group asked us to come back and teach them an advanced course.  I have always known that the downloads that I received from you were very valuable. And the more I move around in the world, the more grateful I am to have been able to learn directly from you. Based on my experience now, I believe that I attended the finest coaching program this country has to offer. I am sure you are aware of the high quality of what you are offering and I want to remind you of what a treasure it is. -Diana Chapman, Advisor to Exceptional Leaders

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