Impeccable! The Integrity Deck (Electronic Version)




This is a downloadable version of our Impeccable! The Integrity Deck.

Download it to your primary computer for daily use. Download it to your phone for quick access on the go.

This PDF is enhanced with buttons and links so you can navigate the deck of cards without needing to scroll through every single page.

This deck contains the exact same cards and artwork as the physical deck. Each card is presented on three screens: one screen for the collage, one screen for the explorations, and one screen for both. Here’s the three screens for Taking a Big Leap.


Taking a Big Leap screen 1


Taking a Big Leap screen 2


Taking a Big Leap screen 3


How to Use This PDF Deck

After you download the file to your device and open it up you’ll see the home screen. Here’s what that looks like. Notice the Table of Contents button at the center bottom. There’s one on every page (even if you don’t see it). You can use that to quickly jump to the first page in the Table of Contents.


Impeccable! The Integrity Deck (Electronic Version)


From either of the two Table of Contents pages you can jump directly to a grouping of cards or a single card by tapping on its name. Here’s the first Table of Contents Page.


Impeccable! The Integrity Deck - TOC


On the first page for a grouping of cards you can tap on a card name to jump directly to the card. The next image shows the first page in the Big Leaps group of cards. If you were looking at the PDF you could tap on any of the card names to jump directly to that card.


Impeccable! The Integrity Deck (Electronic Version)


Katie created videos for you, demonstrating ways you can use the cards and explore their topics. You can watch those on the Foundation For Conscious Living website (link opens directly to the videos page in a new tab or window).