Katie has a favorite T-shirt that says,
“If it’s physical, it’s therapy.”

We’re interested in going beyond intellectual exercises to reach a deeper level of change. To welcome a richer experience of life. To enjoy a more integrated expression of creativity.

That’s why tuning into your body’s intelligence is so crucial. To experience the shifts you desire. To honor the full truth of what’s happening. To hear the deep, rich, wild wisdom singing in your very cells.

Your body has untold intelligence to share with you. Yet it may have subtler, different ways to communicate with you. Tune in often to learn what they are. You’ll feel more vibrant, aligned, and joyful — we guarantee it.

Good news: You don’t need to rent a cave in Tibet to access this intelligence. A few simple ideas, practices, and a good dose of willingness will do.

We incorporate conscious breath and movement practices to allow you to embody — that is, experience in a meaningful way — who you are beyond the filters and roles you’ve learned. So you can drop your personas, drop into your body, and drop into that creative-play-joy zone where all the magic happens.

Learning to truly feel your feelings is a revolutionary act — and boy-oh-boy does it have radical benefits!

Any feeling, fully felt, leads to love.

We’re pretty sure the universe has arranged it so that we cannot move forward before we let ourselves be where we are. Allow yourself to feel your emotions in your body — and get ready for the breakthroughs:

Expand into a life of more connection, creativity, and contribution.
Discover how fundamentally lovable you are.
Feel more alive, both in yourself and in relationship.

Warning: You will have fun doing this work! If you’re committed to life being an endless struggle (and have no desire to challenge that belief), you’ll have to look elsewhere. We really don’t recommend it, though!

Want to discover more about your Body Intelligence?
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