The Big Leap One-on-One Intensive with Gay

Working One-on-One with Gay Hendricks


The Big Leap One-on-One Intensive

The beginning point for individual work with Dr. Hendricks is a Big Leap One-on-One Intensive. In this extended session of approximately two hours, you work with Gay to gain awareness of the specific Upper Limit Problems that are holding you back and develop a unique set of solutions to them. You make direct contact with your Genius Zone, resulting in a new life direction based on authenticity and creativity.

Fee: $2500


Big Leap One-on-One Coaching

Ongoing coaching with Gay is available to you after you have taken a One-on-One Intensive. Most people find that one session a month is sufficient to make a quantum increase in the amount of time you spend in your Genius Zone. Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes.

Fee: $1000



Dr. Hendricks offers mentoring on a yearly basis. Due to the comprehensive nature of the work, typically only a small number of people are accepted for mentorship. Each month involves a combination of individual sessions and assignments designed to evoke your genius and singular real-world contribution.

Fee: $25,000


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